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Tax Implementation in UAE

When starting your business in Dubai, you need to complete the VAT registration for your business. If your business is already entitled to VAT registration, then you need to act fast or risk facing possible non-compliance penalties.

If you are not sure whether your business is obligated to pay VAT, or you retain the option to not pay. Company Setup Consultancy  will help you determine the VAT status of your company. If VAT registration is mandatory for your business, then the government will not acknowledge your business until you complete the VAT registration. Remember that serious penalties may apply if you do not complete the filling system with the governmental requirements. Contact us to start your VAT registration in Dubai and get all the following services.


VAT Registration and Accounting Services

Here is the range of Tax, VAT, Accounting, and related PRO services Company Setup Tax Consultants & Accounting Services LLC provides:

  • Business Setup Consultation Services.
  • Financial Reporting Services. (Statements of Financial Positions)
  • VAT Return Registration Form Filing services.
  • VAT Planning and Consultation Services.
  • VAT Advisory Services.
  • VAT Training Courses.
  • VAT Implementation Services.
  • VAT De-Registration Services.
  • FTA Compliant Books of Accounts Bookkeeping Services.
  • FTA Compliant Documentation Assistance Services.

*Cost and time frame are determined based on the number of monthly made transactions.

*Contact us for a customized package.

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VAT Registration & Accounting

Company Setup Tax Consultants & Accounting Services LLC.

Company Setup has very good consultants and VAT management who is available for providing you the facilitation of the VAT registration in the UAE. We have the ability to handle all of your queries and concerns that are related to the VAT registration requirements. You might get surprised to know that the VAT system is considered as the new-flagged system. The VAT registration of companies is the main focus. You will find our services easy, affordable, quick, and time-efficient in all parts of the UAE specially Dubai and Sharjah.

Our main objectives include aiding businesses of any kind by applying the maximum potential with an increase in their financial growth. We have a qualified chartered accountant who is proficient with the:

  • FTA legislations
  • UAE auditing standards
  • UAE tax consultation
  • UAE VAT Laws
  • Complete VAT management


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Tax Consultancy & Accounting Services

Company Setup makes your life easier with Tax Consultants & Accounting Services in Dubai.

Our company facilitates you with the best and the most efficient chartered accountants and consultants located in the heart of Dubai. We are reputed as the best and the most preferable company in the entire UAE. Both small and large businesses in the UAE need to pay their VAT and Taxes properly or face serious penalties. We handle both of these for the business of any size all across the UAE. Our firms have consultants who keep track of the Federal Tax Authority regularly which enables them to know the latest updates immediately. We also try our best to find the best and the most appropriate procedures that would be cost-effective and help you get better refunds from the tax liabilities.

If you are looking for VAT registration or anything related, we are always available to provide assistance and would also help in managing all the operations.

Accounting Services in UAE

Every country in the world has its own accounting standards which every business must follow. That is one of the challenges of opening a business in a new country. Initially, businessmen are unfamiliar with accounting procedures. However, you do not need to worry about that when starting out in the UAE. There are firms that provide pro bookkeeping and accounting services, and Company Setup Consultancy is leading the pack.

Since accounting in the UAE is a corporate law requirement, maintaining the correct formats and procedures is very important. This is because the government of the UAE does not have any federal tax on corporates and personal incomes. That is why the proper accounting structure is maintained by the corporate laws.

Your accounts should give a true and fair idea about the state of your company to your shareholders and potential investors with an interest in your business. That is why more and more authorities of various economic zones are incorporating audited financial statements as part of the license renewal requirements.

Here are our services for the monthly bookkeeping requirements of your company:

  • Preparation of general journals, sales journals, and purchase journals.
  • Preparation of accounts for receivables and payables.
  • Preparation of account for all cash transactions.
  • Preparation of accounts for all assets and their related depreciation accounts.
  • Preparation of accounts for all accruals and prepayments.


Accounting services in Dubai

Pro Preparation of Financial Statements Dubai

The most important part of the appropriate accounting standards is the financial statements of your company. These statements will contain all the information about the profitability, liquidity, and cash flow of your company. Shareholders and potential investors make many important decisions based on this information. That is why the timely preparation of these documents is also very important.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Our professionals are experts when it comes to meeting deadlines and providing spotless statements. Here are the statements that we will provide for your business:

  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Petty Cash Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Any other statements that are specific to your business.

Even though we promise accurate and spotless work, remember that we will prepare these statements based on the information and explanations provided to us. Hence, the accuracy of the statements will depend on you as much as it will depend on us.

Business owners have a boatload of things to look after, and we understand that. Company Setup provides firms with everything they need for the smooth operation of their offices and business activities. We save your time and money. We also save you from potential penalties and obstacles that might hamper your business. If you were to hire a full-time accounting team for your business, you would have to pay a lot more. Whereas our professionals are hired at a part-time fee. So, contact us today and let us take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

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