Apostille Documents Service

Apostille Document Service

What is meant by an Apostille?

Apostille is a document which plays an important part of authenticating official stamps, seals, and signatures on documents dispensed by a public authority like degree certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, court orders and other kind of public documents dispensed to be utilized in another country. It is necessary to remember that Apostille is recognized only in countries which are portion of Hague Convention.
However, UAE is not a part of Hague convention. So, such documents has to be approved by the overseas ministry of the dispensing country as well as by the overseas ministry of the United Arab Emirates to have lawful effect in UAE. This process is referred to as document legalization or attestation.

Document legalization

At present, the world is transforming fast as a global village. People are moving to abroad for various reasons like job hunt, education, business, marriage, etc. It has been increasingly high in recent years. Legal immigrants are free to move to any part of the world and also to United Arab Emirates. It is totally a sad experience when the visa is rejected since the certificates are not legalized. Every person would wish to get their documents certified when they arrive at UAE.
If you are applying for a job permit, planning to get admission into schools, do export and import business, applying for residence permit or apply for a work permit in UAE, you have to do the document attestation.
UAE government has made it compulsory to get all the certificates, that include however not restricted to non-academic and academic certificates, professional certificates, commercial certificates, certificates of craftsmanship, etc. issued outside the United Arab Emirates. It will be taken through strict screening and selection procedures for legalization before you are considered for UAE Visa.

Procedures involved for documents attestation in the UAE

The documents can be grouped in private categories as below:

• Commercial certificates
• Noneducational documents
• Educational certificates

To get the above document confirmed, you have to obtain an authentication stamp from the foreign affairs ministry in your country. After legalizing the document from Embassy of UAE in your country, you need to approach for ministry of overseas affairs confirmation in the UAE.
The document attestation procedure in the UAE is a challenging task. It is best to approach the professionals who have knowledge and expertise in the document attestation process. They offer timely delivery service and assist you in the entire document attestation process.

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