Audit Services in Dubai, UAE

Audit Services in Dubai

In simple terms, audit services in UAE help make sure that the financial information a company provides to lenders, investors, and other people is trustworthy. We work hard to give our clients valuable information that can help them improve their businesses whenever possible.

We also assist all kinds of businesses in the UAE, whether they are big, medium-sized, complex, or focused on growth. We understand the local situation well and have a global perspective. Our audit services in Dubai are based on our main beliefs: being professional, ethical, doing high-quality work, and being thorough.

Auditing Firms in UAE

At Company Setup Consultants, our skilled team provides top-notch audits to ensure financial reliability and trustworthiness. We offer different types of audits to help companies and their stakeholders.

Internal Audit:

  • This audit happens within a company, initiated by the business owner.
  • It’s like a check-up on the company’s finances and goals.
  • Reasons for doing it include suggesting improvements, checking if things work well, following laws, and reviewing financial info.

External Audit:

  • This audit is done by an outside person or agency, not connected to the company.
  • The goal is to make sure financial records are accurate.
  • Investors often want this to trust a company’s data.
  • The audit report explains the process and any issues found.

Financial Audit:

  • This is a common external audit.
  • It checks the accuracy of a company’s financial statements.
  • Auditors review transactions, procedures, and balances.
  • The audit opinion is shared with investors, creditors, and lenders.

Tax Audit:

  • Tax Authorities do this to check a company’s tax records.
  • They review accounting records and tax return filings.
  • It’s about making sure a company follows tax rules for VAT, Excise tax, and Corporate tax.
  • There are three types: Corporate Tax Audit, Excise Tax Audit, and VAT Audit.

DMCC Audit:

  • For companies in the DMCC, there are audits to check if they follow rules.
  • These companies need to submit annual financial accounts audited by an approved DMCC auditor.
  • Experts look at the company’s accounts and financial statements.

IT Audit:

  • This is important for IT and software companies.
  • It checks things like software development, data processing, and computer systems.
  • The goal is to make sure information is accurate and protected.
  • IT audits can also look at financial statements and IT policies.

Key Reasons for Conducting Audits in Business

Here are some important reasons to do audits:

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1. Following Rules

Audits make sure that companies are following the laws, rules, and industry standards that apply to them. This helps avoid legal troubles.

2. Getting the Numbers Right

Audits by top auditing services in Dubai check to make sure that the financial reports a company gives out are accurate. This gives confidence to people who rely on those reports.

3. Finding Fraud

Audits can uncover cheating or dishonest activities, like stealing money or other financial problems.

4. Checking Controls

Audits look at how well a company’s internal systems work. They find weak points and suggest ways to make things more secure and prevent fraud.

5. Spotting Risks

Our auditors in Dubai look at the risks a company might face, like financial troubles or operational problems. This helps the company manage those risks better.

6. Reviewing Performance

Audits also check how different parts of a company are doing and find ways to make them work better.

7. Helping Decisions

Audits give good information to the people in charge of a company, so they can make smart choices and plan for the future.

8. Building Trust

Doing audits shows that a company is open and responsible. This helps people like investors, lenders, and customers trust the company more.

9. Keeping Promises

Our audit services in UAE make sure that companies stick to the agreements they have with others, like suppliers or partners. This prevents arguments and contract problems.

10. Getting Better

Audits help a company find areas where they can improve, like fixing things that aren’t working well or following the rules better.

11. Being Careful in Deals

When companies want to join together or buy each other, audits are important to check if it’s a good idea and if there are any financial problems.

12. Meeting Rules

Some industries and companies are required by law to do audits to make sure they’re following specific rules and standards.

13. Good Business Practices

Our audit services in UAE support good business behavior by making sure things are clear, responsible, and ethical in organizations.

14. Meeting Outside Demands

Sometimes, banks, insurers, or government agencies need audits to make sure companies are doing things right, especially for loans, insurance, or legal requirements.

15. Reducing Risks

Auditors in Dubai help companies find risks and weaknesses, so they can take steps to lower those risks and make their systems stronger.

Benefits of Auditing Services in UAE Simplified

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), companies have to do annual audits, which are quite complex. Our audit services in UAE involve an outside expert checking a company’s financial records. The goal is to provide an honest and accurate view of the company’s finances, free from any bias.

Here’s what registered auditors in Dubai have to do:

Follow the Rules: They must follow all the national rules and regulations.

Check Everything: Auditors in Dubai make sure that all financial records are correct and clear.

Use International Standards: They prepare financial reports according to international rules known as International Financial Reporting Standards.

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Special Free Zone Rules: If a company is in a free zone, auditors consider the specific rules for that zone.

To start the audit, they need documents like bank statements, invoices, licenses, and more. They collect evidence and take notes as they go through the company’s records. This evidence helps them form their opinions and recommendations, which they share with the company.

The audit looks at:

  1. Accuracy: They check if the financial records follow the right standards.
  2. Spotting Fraud: They look for signs of cheating, like fraud or money laundering.
  3. Tax Compliance: They ensure the company is following the rules for things like VAT and corporate tax in Dubai, UAE, and keeping good records.

Steps in an Audit Process in Dubai Made Simple

To make sure an audit goes smoothly in a company, there are several steps to follow:

1. Getting Ready with Documents:

Before the audit starts, the auditors, who are from outside the company, ask for certain documents. These could be past audit reports, financial records, bank statements, receipts, and more. They might also need things like meeting minutes and company rules.

2. Start of the Audit:

When the audit day comes, the whole company can feel a bit nervous. Employees who get interviewed by the auditors need to give clear answers and know their job well.

3. Making a Report:

Auditors spend one to four days on the audit, depending on what they’re looking at. Sometimes, they ask for more information to understand how the company’s finances work. Once they finish, they write a detailed report with what they found and suggestions to fix any problems.

4. Checking the Rules:

Auditors look at whether the company follows its own rules and the rules of the country and the place where it operates. This includes checking financial reports and the software the company uses for accounting.

5. Final Meeting:

After the audit is done, there’s a meeting between the auditors and the company’s bosses. They talk about what the audit found and what the auditors think should be done to fix things.

We have experts who help businesses in the UAE from start to finish. They know what it takes to make things work smoothly.

How much does auditing services cost?

The cost of auditing services can vary quite a bit, and it depends on many things. If you’re being charged a fixed fee, the total cost for representing you in a tax audit might range from $2,500 to $10,000 for each year that’s being examined.


Dealing with lots of rules that keep changing can be really complicated. But don’t worry, we keep an eye on all those changes and will let you know about any solutions you might need. We’re registered auditors in Dubai.

Our goal is to make sure a company’s financial information is honest and clear. We do this through something called a financial audit. After we’re done, we create a report that shows the company’s financial statement is accurate and honest.

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