Benefits to Start a Tourism Business in Dubai, UAE

Tourism Business in Dubai

When we discuss GDP or economic growth, we mostly think of manufacturing companies, industries, trading, IT software and exporting. But you should know that tourism has completely changed and improved the economy of many countries and mostly the developing countries remain dependent on tourism and travel. The travel industry offers a lot.

If you are planning to set up Tourism Business in Dubai then you will get tourism license in Dubai from dedicate Authority.

One of the fast-developing countries in the world is UAE and their tourism promotion has been exceptionally successful. UAE receives hundreds and thousands of tourists every day. Dubai is one of the popular cities in UAE and receives maximum number of tourists.

Besides tourism, Dubai has become an attractive destination for cargo, logistics, and also numerous tourism and travel industries. The country has created lot of openings for local tourism industry and also for international tourism companies.

1. Central Location:

2. Access to both Air and Sea:

3. Infrastructure

4. No Taxation Policy

5. Repatriation of Earnings and Profits

6. Safe to live and high quality of life

7. Visa and Residency

8. Free Zones in Dubai

9. Multinational Companies

Several companies have been established in the last five years and they are having all throughout Dubai and also other emirates. Please check for details regarding tourism business setup in Dubai.

How to Start a tourism business in Dubai?

Starting a tourism business in Dubai involves several steps:

Step.1 Registration:

Register your business with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and the Department of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Step.2 Name Approval:

Submit your company name to the Tas’heel Center’s economic development section and obtain authorization for setting up a corporation.

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Step.3 Paperwork and Stakeholders:

Complete required paperwork at a typing center and ensure all stakeholders sign it. Submit the form to DED.

Step.4 Site Inspection:

After DED’s initial approval, your application will undergo a site inspection. Ensure accurate information as officers will visit for inspection before granting the license.

Step.5 LLC Agreement:

Draft the Limited Liability Company (LLC) agreement and get it notarized by a legal translator. If the agreement is in Arabic, you won’t need the translator’s seal.

Step.6  Signing the Agreement:

All partners must sign the court’s agreement in front of a notary.

Step.7 Submission and Payment:

Finally, submit all necessary documents, pay for the license, and obtain it.

Additional Considerations for Starting a Tourism Business in Dubai

Apart from the mentioned steps, there are additional considerations for starting a tourism business in Dubai:

  1. Selecting the Appropriate License: Choose the right tourism license to ensure legal compliance and proper procedures for your business setup.
  2. Consultation Services: Engage a consultancy for guidance if you’re new to Dubai’s business landscape. They simplify the process and provide insights into required documents.
  3. Office Space Rental: After completing formalities, secure office space for your staff to work efficiently and serve customers.
  4. Website Development: Develop a user-friendly website where potential clients can explore offers, book tickets, confirm hotel reservations, and access other services conveniently.

Remember, each step requires careful consideration and adherence to regulations. Seeking advice from experts in business setup and tourism regulations in Dubai can lead to a smoother and successful venture.

What Does a Tourism License in Dubai Cost?

The final expense varies due to factors like company size, chosen license, and activities. While an exact figure isn’t feasible, note that no bank guarantee is needed now, easing license acquisition. Our consultants ensure cost clarity and prevent overpayment.

Key Reasons to Start a Tourism Business in Dubai

Promoting tourism is a prime avenue for economic growth, and the UAE government keenly fosters this sector. Here’s why a tourism business thrives in the UAE:

  1. Strategic Location: Dubai’s central position among Asia, Africa, and Europe makes it an international trade and travel hub. Its access to air and sea routes facilitates global trade and tourism.
  2. Air and Sea Connectivity: Boasting major air and seaports, Dubai ensures seamless transport of goods worldwide.
  3. Robust Infrastructure: Dubai’s top-notch infrastructure includes roads, buildings, and modern facilities, catering to industries and businesses.
  4. Tax Advantages: With a no-tax policy for most businesses, Dubai offers a diverse economy and encourages investment.
  5. Profit Repatriation: Free zones allow 100% profit repatriation and flexible foreign exchange, fostering a lucrative business environment.
  6. Safety and Quality of Life: Low crime rates, political stability, and high living standards attract investors and ensure a safe environment.
  7. Visa and Residency: Being a UAE resident benefits business owners, enabling long-term leases, multiple entries/exits, and global visa access.
  8. Free Zones: Dubai’s free zones grant foreign entrepreneurs full ownership, with various sectors covered by different zones.
  9. Multinational Presence: Multinational companies, renowned universities, and thriving campuses contribute to Dubai’s cosmopolitan atmosphere.
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Investing in a tourism business in the UAE offers a range of advantages, bolstered by Dubai’s strategic location, infrastructure, favorable policies, and diverse opportunities.

Dubai 2020 Expo attracts more than 200 nations:

UAE is a famous country since it has flexible and simple visa laws. Due to this reason, the number of visitors to the UAE has been increasing every day.

Several countries in recent years have launched on arrival visa or no visa policy. It is exponentially enhanced the income of tourism industry. Moreover, even the UAE government has made the visa policy simple and flexible. Several developed countries have no visa and e-gate facility which includes several GCC countries. It is the major reason for the growing number of UAE tourists each day.

ICONIC Landmarks:

The main goal for the UAE government is to make their country a #1 tourist destination in the world. So, they have constructed several iconic structures and prodigious artificial islands such as PALM JABEL ALI, PALM JUMEIRAH, PALM DIERA and also the biggest manmade island is on construction status. It is named as the Dubai World. It is said to be one of the iconic landmarks in the world that tourism from various parts of the globe.

Dubai has several luxurious hotels, best golf courses, beach resorts and several clubs that play music all night.

To sum up, these are some of the major benefits you can enjoy by establishing your tourism business in India.

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