Cheapest Freezone in Dubai: Pick the Affordable Spot for Business!

Cheapest Freezone in Dubai

Freezones are already very cost-effective and a smart way to make a long term sustainable business that’ll leave its mark.

But if you’re entirely new, you still need to be careful – some Freezones cost way more than others. 

The DSO is the Cheapest Freezone in Dubai, if you’ve got a tight budget, we’ll tell you more about it. Let’s get started.

Dubai Silicon Oasis: Why It’s The Cheapest Freezone in Dubai

Dubai Silicon Oasis, or DSO, costs as little as AED 11,900 for the bare minimum for a Dubai freezone company formation

This low cost is due to several factors that make DSO an attractive option. It’s a large technology park covering 7.2 million square meters, offering affordable licensing options and diverse business packages, especially for tech-focused companies. 

You’ll find ready-made offices, R&D units, and industrial spaces with top-notch facilities. Plus, you get 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of capital and profits, and no import or export duties (though no importing in Mainland). 

With streamlined administrative processes and great support services, DSO is a cost-effective choice for startups and SMEs wanting to set up in Dubai.

Dubai DSO License Cost

With this cheap Dubai freezone, you can get low rates for various licenses. For a start, you can get the usual General Trade License in Dubai for around AED 18,760. 

The cheapest license starts at AED 9,375. There are three main types of operating licenses: 

  • Service for specific services.
  • Trade for import/export and distribution.
  • Industrial for manufacturing and exporting products.

You can choose from these licenses for activities in Oil & Gas, Real Estate, and Aviation. Oil & Gas licenses cost AED 12,500, while the others are AED 18,760. 

If you have specific trading or service activities, prices can be as low as AED 9,380. You can also get a Freight Forwarding license for AED 10,600.

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Compliant Activities In The DSO

Here’s a quick overview of all the Business Activities you’re permitted to do in this free zone:

  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Consultancy
  • Logistics
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Waste Management

The best thing? Whatever activity you’re doing, be it in a professional context or a commercial one, you can put these activities under one license.

Keep in mind though, this free zone doesn’t have a freelance category.

DSO: Benefits of This Cheap Dubai Freezone

The Dubai Silicon Oasis is very flexible, and one of the most friendly locations for beginner businesses. 

You’ll get a lot of benefits over what you’d get with a Dubai Mainland License, even though the latter is a lot more friendly to growing businesses these days.

  • Complete Control Over Your Business: With 100% foreign ownership, you avoid extra costs associated with local partnerships, helping you save money from the get-go.
  • Easy Money Management: You can freely move your funds in and out of the country, allowing you to efficiently handle your finances and reinvest your profits without any restrictions.
  • Tax-Free Operations: No taxes mean more money in your pocket to fuel your business growth, reducing your overhead expenses and leaving you with more cash to invest where it matters most.
  • Ready-Made Tech Solutions: Access to top-notch IT facilities saves you the expense of setting up your own infrastructure, ensuring you can operate efficiently without hefty upfront investments.
  • Expansive Market Reach: Access to large consumer markets means more opportunities for revenue growth without the need for expensive market entry strategies.
  • Easier Logistics Thanks To Prime Location: DSO is situated at the crossroads of Dubai-Al Ain Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. So, you’ll have easy access to different parts of Dubai for both residents and businesses. Efficient transportation translates to reduced logistics costs.
  • Better All-around Network: Being a well-connected area, DSO offers easy access to airports, ports, and other business hubs in Dubai. This proximity can improve market access for businesses based in DSO.
  • Duty-Free Trading: Exemption from import/export duties helps you save on product costs, increasing your profit margins and making your business more financially viable in the long run.
  • Solid Infrastructure: Access to modern facilities ensures you stay competitive without the hefty price tag, allowing you to invest in innovation without overspending.
  • Adaptable Leasing Terms: Flexible arrangements allow you to scale your operations without tying up too much capital, supporting cost-effective expansion strategies. You can find the right space for your needs without overspending, ensuring your business operates within its means.
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How to Setup A Business For Cheap in Dubai Silicon Oasis

You can settle into the DSO in 5 steps – here’s a rundown of what you’ll have to do and some tips from our team.

  • File An Application: Start by filing an application with the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA). Choose your business activity, company structure, and trade name. Make sure the business activity fits your goals and the trade name follows DSOA rules.
  • Prep Pre-Approval Docs: Gather all the necessary documents for pre-approval, like passport copies, a business plan, and a NOC from your current sponsor if needed. Double-check everything to avoid delays. There are good business consultancy services in Dubai that can help ensure everything is in order.
  • Send To Authorities: Submit your application and documents to DSOA for review. They might ask for more information or changes. Keep in touch with DSOA to track your application and quickly address any feedback.
  • Sign The Agreement: Once approved, you’ll need to sign an e-agreement, a digital contract outlining your terms and conditions. Read it carefully before signing to understand your rights and responsibilities.
  • Get Your E-License: After signing, you’ll get an e-license to legally run your business in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Keep a copy handy and remember to renew it on time to avoid any issues.

CSC Can Help You Get A Low-Cost Business In DSO Freezone

At Company Setup Consultants, one of your biggest priorities is to help our clients get a solid start. 

Our guide alone will be more than enough, but we’d love to be your long term business partners – so we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you can stick around and grow.

We even have some of the best accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai, so we can minimize your investment even more than what you’d pay with the already cheap DSO fees.

So, come give us a chance. We’ll be waiting for you.

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