Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone

Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone.

Ajman is one of the most lucrative options for investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to start their businesses in the UAE. If you are an investor, who wants company formation in Ajman free zones, it is very beneficial for an entrepreneur.

Starting a Company in Ajman Free Zone is undoubtedly the best decision you can make as an entrepreneur. Ajman offers a business-friendly atmosphere for entrepreneurs and investors. The economy of Ajman is growing exponentially. So, you can expect stable growth and profitable return for your Business setup in Ajman freezone.

The government of Ajman has managed to establish a business-friendly environment for investors and entrepreneurs by introducing new laws and modifying the existing ones. That’s to these initiatives, and you can easily set up your company in Ajman. The Free Zone of Ajman comes with a wide range of benefits that can contribute heavily to the success of your company. Other than the benefits of quick setup, you can retain 100% of the ownership by starting a company in the Free Zone in Ajman.

When starting a company in Ajman freezone, you should carefully follow the rules and regulations of the local authority. The requirements may differ considering the type of company you are planning on starting.

Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone

Process of Company formation in Ajman Free Zone

Forming a company in the free zone is a bit different than starting a company on the mainland. The process of starting a company in the Ajman free zone is pretty straightforward. However, starting a new business in a new area might complicate the process for you. Company Setup Consultants can help you through the whole process.

Here is the steps of company formation in Ajman free zone:

Step1.  Finalize Business Activities

Step 2.  Select the Company Structure

Step 3.  Select and Register the Trade Name

Step 4.  Lease or Rent an Office Space

Step 5.  Apply for a Business License

Step 6.  Submit Relevant Documents

Step 7.  Pay Fees and Receive the License

Step 8.  Open a Corporate Bank Account

Step 9.  Obtain Visa

advantages of ajman freezone
benefits of ajman freezone

Advantages of Company Setup in Ajman Free Zone

Here are the benefits of business formation in Ajman Free Zone:

Starting a company in Ajman free zone is beneficial for an entrepreneur in so many ways. Here we will discuss some of the benefits of company formation in Ajman free zone:

  • 100% ownership for expats
  • Quick Setup
  • Tax Benefit
  • No Local Sponsor
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • Skilled Workforce


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Types of Company Structure in Ajman Free zone

Ajman Free Zone allows four types of businesses to be set up. When you choose to start a business here, you must choose from any one of these four company types:
Free Zone Establishment (FZE) :

An Ajman Free Zone Entity will be a fully independent corporate entity. It will not have any connections or correlations with other companies anywhere in the world. The owner of the establishment will only be liable for the amount of capital he/she invests in the business. The minimum capital requirement for an Ajman Free Zone Entity is $50,000.

Branch of a Foreign Company

If you already have a running business anywhere else in the world, then you can open a branch of that company here in Ajman Free Zone. When you open a branch of a foreign company here, you will have 100% ownership of that company unless you specifically choose otherwise. You can sell your products and services in various locations through a UAE-registered distributor or agent.

Free Zone Company (FZC)

An Ajman Free Zone Company can only be incorporated by a number of natural persons or corporate entities. That means, if you are part of a business conglomerate, you can open an Ajman Free Zone Company as the corporate entity. The person or corporate that starts an Ajman Free Zone Company will only be liable for the amount of the capital they invest in the business.

Branch of a UAE Company

If your company has a valid license from any other licensing authority in the UAE, expect Ajman Free Zone Authority. Then you can easily open a branch of a local company here. It has a very easy and affordable company incorporation process.

Types of Licenses in Ajman Freezone (AFZA)
When starting a business in Ajman freezone, you must abide by the rules and regulations of the Ajman government. To conduct your business legally in Ajman, you must obtain the relevant business license. The type of license you will need to acquire will depend on the type of your business activity. Here are the types of licenses available in Ajman:
Industrial License

An industrial license will allow you to engage in industrial and manufacturing activities. This type of business operation typically includes raw and natural materials. If your business has operations that refine the raw materials into finished goods, you should apply for an industrial license.

E-commerce License

You should acquire an e-commerce license if you are planning on doing your business online. In this case, your business might involve the internet and social media platform. You can take advantage of the opportunities that arise across online B2B and B2C platforms.

Commercial License

If your business operation includes the import, export, and distribution of entertainment-related products in the UAE, you should acquire a commercial license. A commercial trading license will allow you to engage in commercial trading activities and provide physical services

Services License

If your business involves operations that provides product and services included in the contract clause of the service license, you will need to acquire a services license to run your business in Ajman.

Documents Required for Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

The documents you will require to submit will depend on the type of your company, the type of your business activity, and the location of your company. Here are the documents required for the three types of company formation in the Ajman free zone:

1. For a New Business Entity

  • Business plan
  • Three copies of Passport size photos
  • Copies of shareholders’ passport
  • Trade names for the company

2. Branch of a Foreign Company (in addition to the above documents)

  • Article of Association (AOA)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Board Resolution
  • Certificate of Incorporation

3. Branch of a UAE-based Company (in addition to the documents required for a new company)

  • Original License
  • Certificate from Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Documents of Company registration
  • Business plan

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If you want to start a business in Ajman Free Zone but you do not know where to get started, then you are in the right place. company setup has been supporting numerous entrepreneurs, ex-pats and residents in setting up companies in Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other regions in UAE. This is because Company Setup Consultants has helped numerous entrepreneurs from all over the world start various businesses in the UAE. Contact us today to discuss ajman freezone company setup.

FAQs: on Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

How do I start a business in Ajman free zone?

You will need to follow a few specific steps to form a business in Ajman free zone. They are:

Step.1)  Select your business activities
Step.2)  Finalize the company structure
Step.3)  Select and register the company name
Step.4)  Rent an office space
Step.5)  Apply for a business license
Step.6)  Submit required documents
Step.7)  Obtain the license
Step.8) Open a corporate bank account
Step.9) Obtain visa

How do I Get Ajman free zone visa?

You will need to obtain a residence visa to stay in Ajman and run your business operations. Here are the steps you must follow to acquire Ajman free zone visa:

Step.1)  Apply for the visa
Step.2)  Submit relevant documents
Step.3)  Sign the documents and pay the fees
Step.4)  Complete the medical test
Step.5)  Collect your emirates id
Step.6)  Acquire the entry permit
Step.7)  Get your passport stamped

What is the process for Getting a trade license in Ajman?

Once you fulfill the requirements for starting a business in the Ajman free zone, you can apply for a trade license from the local authority. You can apply for the trade license from their website. You will also require to submit the relevant documents required by the local authority. Once your documents are verified, and the application is approved, you can pay the fees and collect the license from the local office. You should know that the requirements may vary depending on the type of license you will be applying for.

What is the type of companies permissible in AFZ?

Four types of companies are permissible in Ajman free zone. They are:

  1. Free Zone Company (FZC)
  2. Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  3. Branch of a Foreign Company
  4. Branch of a UAE company
What are the types of licenses available in the Ajman Free Zone?

You can acquire multiple licenses for your company. The licenses available in Ajman free zone are:

  1. Industrial License
  2. Commercial License
  3. E-commerce License
  4. Services License
What are the main benefits of starting a company in AFZ?

Formation of a company in the Ajman free zone is especially beneficial for an entrepreneur. The main benefits of starting a company in the Ajman free zone are:

  • Retain 100% ownership
  • An easy and quick setup process
  • Huge tax benefit
  • No local sponsor required
  • Advanced infrastructure and business-friendly environment
  • Availability of skilled workforce
Is a local Emirati sponsor required to start a company in Ajman Free Zone?

No, you will not require a local Emirati sponsor to start your company in Ajman free zone. This will allow you to have 100% ownership over the company.

What are the taxes applicable to Free Zone companies in Ajman?

There are no personal or corporate taxes on income for companies in Ajman free zone.

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