Ajman Free Zone Company Setup

Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone.

Ajman has two main free zones, which are Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFA) and Ajman Free Zone AFZA. Setting up your company in a free zone in Ajman offers you the needed access to the end-to-end port and all nearby airports. You can also benefit from all the offered value-added packages, the highly developed infrastructure, and flexible accommodation options that will easily fit your needs.

AFZ has witnessed high growth in lots of sectors such as healthcare, retail, food & beverages, education, and further. It offers the investors a wide range of professionally managed and customized options of warehouses, offices, and business centers. Along with many other business support products and services options such as onsite accommodation that is built according to the highest standards of comfort and security, freelancer hub that gives you the opportunity to start your business and plan its progress your own way without any restrictions of long-term commitments, or even getting a +20 years land lease service to build your own business according to your vision and needs.

Ajman Media City Free Zone AMCFZ is the newly formed free zone in Ajman. It offers licenses and great facilities to many business domains, besides the media and digital areas. It covers the fields of software designing, freight forwarding, travel and tourism, Interior designing, auditing, and accounting, event management, general trading, media production housing, HR consulting, and many more. AMCFZ also offers different facility options for the resident companies such as shared permanent/temporary desk space, shared permanent office, or full-time executive office.

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benefits of ajman freezone

Freezone Business Setup Ajman Benefits

Here are the benefits of business formation in Ajman Free Zone:
  • No import and export duty imposed
  • Get corporate tax exemption
  • Get 100% ownership
  • Get 100% repatriation on profit
  • Get personal income tax exemption


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Ajman Free Zone Company Formation Advantages

Economic advantages of company registration in Ajman Free Zone.
There are some advantages of considering Ajman Freezone for starting a company and continuing business.

  • You will find Ajman Freezone as a cost-efficient city with respect to the company registration.
  • The rents are very low as compared to Dubai and Sharjah
  • The power cost is also inconsiderable.
  • Four seaports and two international airports are at a distance of a few minutes.
  • The roads, buildings, parking areas, recreational spaces, and hotels are abundant in the city
  • Manufacturers can locate the raw material very easily.
advantages of ajman freezone

Ajman Free Zone Company Setup Types

Ajman Free Zone allows four types of businesses to be set up. When you choose to start a business here, you must choose from any one of these four company types:
Ajman Free Zone Entity, Freezone Establishment (FZE):

An Ajman Free Zone Entity will be a fully independent corporate entity. It will not have any connections or correlations with other companies anywhere in the world. The owner of the establishment will only be liable for the amount of capital he/she invests in the business. The minimum capital requirement for an Ajman Free Zone Entity is $50,000.

Branch of a Foreign Company

If you already have a running business anywhere else in the world, then you can open a branch of that company here in Ajman Free Zone. When you open a branch of a foreign company here, you will have 100% ownership of that company unless you specifically choose otherwise. You can sell your products and services in various locations through a UAE-registered distributor or agent.

Ajman Free Zone Company, Freezone Company (FZC):

An Ajman Free Zone Company can only be incorporated by a number of natural persons or corporate entities. That means, if you are part of a business conglomerate, you can open an Ajman Free Zone Company as the corporate entity. The person or corporate that starts an Ajman Free Zone Company will only be liable for the amount of the capital they invest in the business.

Branch of a Local Company

If your company has a valid license from any other licensing authority in the UAE, expect Ajman Free Zone Authority. Then you can easily open a branch of a local company here. It has a very easy and affordable company incorporation process.

Ajman Free Zone Business Setup Licenses
If you are planning for a business setup in Ajman Free Zone, then you need a business trade license that allows the business activities that you are looking to perform here. There are five types of trade licenses in Ajman Free Zone that categorize all the business activities that are allowed in Ajman Free Zone. If you are confused as to which license you need for the formation of your business, we are always ready to help you. Here are the five types of business trade licenses in the Ajman Free Zone:
Trading License

The trading license is for the business that is looking to trade or sell products or services in Ajman Free Zone. Businesses with the trading license can also trade or sell their products outside the free zone with the help of UAE authorized distributors as well.

Services License

The services license allows you to perform services that require experience and specialized knowledge in the area of the subject. For example, services license allows accounting, IT, eCommerce, consultants, etc. services.

Industrial License

The industrial license allows business activities that are related to the manufacturing of a product. This includes importing raw material, processing the materials, packaging finished goods, etc. The manufacturing factory or unit can be set up inside the area of the free zone only.

Freelancer License

The freelancer license is mainly for solo entrepreneurs who are in need of an affordable license. The freelancer license is very cheap and easy to obtain.

Pioneers License

The pioneers license is the perfect choice for undergraduate students and young entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their startups easily. This is the most affordable license of the bunch and is also easy to obtain.

If you want to get started in Ajman Free Zone, then our consultants are always ready to help you out. We understand that starting a new business is scary. Our consultants have the necessary experience to help you breeze through the process.

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