Mainland Business Setup in Fujairah

Fujairah is the only Emirati capital city that is located on the east coast of the UAE. It is located on the Gulf of Oman, which is part of the Indian Ocean.

Mainland Business Setup in Fujairah has a lot of benefits. The local industries in Fujairah consist of stone crushing, mining, and cement manufacturing. That is why Fujairah is the backbone of construction activities in the UAE.

Since Fujairah has direct access to the Indian Ocean, businesses located here are connected to the ports in India, Pakistan, Iran, and all other ports in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea.

Fujairah also has an airport that enables it to be connected with the Far East, Northern Europe, North America, etc. Thanks to both the seaport and airport, businesses located in Fujairah are connected to the whole world.

If you are a civil engineer or want to start a construction company, then Fujairah is the destination for you. If you are looking for construction consultants in the UAE, you will find many experienced experts in Fujairah.

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Mainland Company Formation in Fujairah

How to start a company in Fujairah?

For a mainland company formation in Fujairah, you need a general trade license. This is a mandatory requirement for everyone looking to start their business in the city. You need approvals from various government bodies and agencies for the license.

The approvals you will require will depend on the business activities you mean to pursue. Otherwise, the process of registering a business in Fujairah is straightforward. This pared with a favorable business environment is what makes Fujairah so attractive to entrepreneurs.


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Advantages of Mainland Business Setup in Fujairah

Here are the advantages of the formation of your business in Fujairah mainland:
100% exemption on income tax

Businesses that are located in Fujairah mainland get 100% exemption from tax on both corporate and personal incomes. That means there will be no tax on the profits of your business as well as no tax on the drawing you make and the wages of your employees.

No restriction during the recruitment process

Businesses here can recruit talents from all around the world without restrictions. They can also sponsor the visas of any foreign employees they hire.

Ability to open multiple branches

Fujairah has no restrictions when it comes to diversifying your business. You can open other branches of your business in Fujairah or other emirates in the UAE. Fujairah itself has three main areas where you can set up your businesses or branches. They are the Fujairah Mainland, the Fujairah Free Zone, and the Fujairah Creative City.

Access to booming markets

As we have mentioned before, Fujairah has a seaport and an airport. Both of these combined allow businesses to access booming markets from all over the world. Fujairah itself has an expanding economy that allows businesses to expand seamlessly.

Low operating costs

The everyday costs of running a business setup in Fujairah are very affordable. There are no hidden costs that increase your overhead expenses. They have flexible office space plans as well.

Attainable capital requirement

The minimum capital requirement to company formation in fujairah mainland is very low. Having to buy or lease expensive office space is not a requirement. You can rent a serviced office, coworking space, or even a virtual office space to get started.

Favorable commercial policies

The legalities of starting and running a business in Fujairah mainland are favorable for the businessmen. The ease of doing business is a benefit that makes mainland Fujairah so attractive to entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Steps for Mainland Company Formation in Fujairah

Here are the steps you need to follow for a mainland company formation in Fujairah:

Decide trade name

You need to select a trading name for your business that is not already registered in the UAE. It can be in use in other places in the world but as long as it is not used in the UAE, you can select it. You need to get the name approved by the Fujairah municipality.


Business activities

You need special approvals from other agencies and government bodies depending on the business activities you mean to perform. That is why you need to decide on the business activities you mean to perform and check if those activities are allowed in Fujairah mainland.

Trade license application

After you have decided on your name and business activities, you need to get the external approvals before you can apply for the general trade license. After you have received all the required approvals you can proceed with the trade license application to the Fujairah municip

Office location

You need to select an office location for your business. Even if you do not want to spend your capital on a physical location, there is a solution. You can get a business address if you rent a virtual office from a business center in Fujairah. However, to start a business here, you must have any one form of office space they provide here.

Initial approval

Foreigners need to get an initial approval before proceeding any further. The initial approval is provided by the Fujairah municipality. It will allow you to proceed with the legal requirements for obtaining a general trade license. This is required to get the approvals necessary to conduct the business activities you mean to pursue in the UAE.

Required documents

These are the documents required for obtaining the general trade license for your business in Fujairah:

  • The proof of trademark or trade name reservation in the UAE.
  • The filled-up license application form is signed by legal representatives or managers of the company.
  • The proof of approval of the initial application that is signed by the required parties.
  • Documents containing the required personal information of each manager and shareholders of the company.
Trade license approval

After you have submitted the required documents and paid the requisite fees for the general trade license, the authorities will take a few business days to approve the application. It is suggested to take help from experienced consultants before undertaking this process because any error in the application will complicate the process.

The experienced company setup consultants are always ready to help you regarding your business formation in the UAE. If you are looking for advice for company formation in Fujairah Mainland, do not hesitate to contact our professional consultants.

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