Company Formation with Dubai Outsource Zone[DOZ]

Dubai Outsource Zone[DOZ]

The World’s First Free zone wholehearted to the Outsourcing Corporation

DOZ provides comprehensive purpose-built infrastructure for both hostage and non-hostage organizations hoping to set up in a Free Zone in the UAE. Moreover, DOZ offers best in class workplaces, vigorous telecom infrastructure, offices management services, and a 24-hour security administration. DOZ broadens Free Zone advantages including 100% business proprietorship and tax-exempt salary just as worth included services, for example, organizing openings, setting management services, industry mindfulness projects, and taxpayer driven organizations.

Key Benefits of Dubai Outsource Zone

  • 100% exemption from personal annual duty for 50 years
  • 100% exemption from corporate duties for 50 years
  • 100% remote proprietorship
  • 100% repatriation of benefits
  • Telecom and Internet Services
  • Data Services
  • Offices Management
  • Wellbeing, Security and Safety Services
  • Metro Ethernet condition
  • Dynamic worldwide network
  • Opportunities for business collaboration and systems administration
  • Opportunities for channel and market improvement
  • Correspondences infrastructure dependent on cutting edge innovations
  • Advanced voice and rapid data services offered at aggressive rates

Rules on Submitting Legal Documents:

  • Every legal report more than one page long to be fixed Powers of Attorney should go with a legitimate passport duplicate of the Attorney
  • The Authority reserves the right to demand any extra documents it may consider require, as and when essential or The Authority reserves the right to demand any extra documents it may regard fundamental, as and when required.
  • The Authority reserves the right to request extra authentication by the UAE Embassy or different Embassies, as may be vital
  • Board Resolution, as well as Power of Attorney for the Manager, must express the Manager’s complete name as per passport including nationality and substantial passport number
  • The legal documents must be in English and/or Arabic. Documents in any other language must be joined by an ensured English or Arabic interpretation.

Legal Documentation Templates:

  • Resolution for natural shareholder(s) in FZ-LLC
  • Board Resolution for corporate shareholder(s) in FZ-LLC
  • Board Resolution to set up a branch
  • Example Signature form (Registry Identification Code form) – Corporate person as shareholder
  • Example Signature form (Registry Identification Code form) – Natural person as shareholder
  • Minimum Capital Requirements

Free Zone – LLCs incorporated in Dubai Outsource Zone are required to have a minimum paid-up capital of AED 300,000. Branch foundations have no minimum capital prerequisites.

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