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What is the Mainland Company Setup Dubai Cost?

mainland company setup Dubai cost

Mainland company setup in Dubai is attractive to businessmen and entrepreneurs from all around the world. This is because of a couple of reasons that include all the benefits they receive and the ease of Mainland Company setup in Dubai.

Now the actual mainland company setup Dubai cost will vary depending on a lot of factors. To begin with, there are two ways you can start your mainland business in Dubai.

But most importantly, it’s the cost-effectively of mainland company setup in Dubai that is the attraction of so many investors from all around the world.

You can do it alone, which is highly discouraging if this is your first time, or you can do it with the help of Company Setup consultants. Either way, you can expect to spend somewhere around the ballpark of AED 25,000 to AED 50,000.

When you want to start your business with company setup consultants, the Dubai mainland  license cost in 2022 starts from just AED 15,000.

Dubai Mainland Company Formation Cost and Requirement

As we have mentioned before, the Dubai mainland company formation cost will differ from others. This is because there are different steps in the setup process that requires a different amount depending on their choices and decisions.

Here are the costs of the different steps in the process of mainland company formation in Dubai:

• Mainland Company Registration Fee

First and foremost, the mainland company registration fee will depend on the number of shareholders, visa applications, and company structure of your firm. You can also pay extra to enjoy some of the exclusive privileges of owning a business on the mainland.

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• The Cost of Acquiring the Business Trade License

The cost of acquiring your business trade license from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai will depend on the business activities you mean to perform in mainland Dubai. Also, it is important to note that you need to renew your business trade license each year as well.

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• Rent or Lease of an Office Space

It is mandatory to rent or lease office space when starting a company in Dubai. The cost of acquiring an office space in Dubai will depend on the type of office space you choose. If you do not need office space to perform your business activities then you can rent a virtual office space in Dubai.

• Trade Name Reservation Fee

The trade name registration fee is similar for all businesses. At the time of publishing, the trade name reservation fee in Dubai was AED 620. However, if you choose to use a foreign trade name, you may need to pay additional fees.

• Local Service Agent’s Annual Fee

Last but not the least, you can enjoy 100% ownership of mainland businesses even as a foreigner in Dubai now. You can work with a local service agent who will not have any legal ownership of your company. Their fees will depend on the local service agent you choose in Dubai.

Process of Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

The process of mainland company setup in Dubai can be a little confusing for first-timers. However, Company Setup experts can navigate the steps in the process with relative ease. They will ensure there are no hiccups that may cause expensive setbacks otherwise.

Here are the steps in the process of mainland company setup in Dubai explained briefly:

• Select business activities and company structure

The first step is to make some crucial decisions about your business. The business activities you choose to perform will determine the trade license you need to apply for. And the company structure you choose will determine the laws and legislations you are subjected to.

• Register the trade name of the business

Before applying for a business trade license in Dubai, you need to register your trade name in the general journal and post the announcement in two local newspapers. If no one challenges your trade name, it will be registered as your trademark.

• Get initial approval from the DED

The governing authority for handling the registration of new businesses in the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. You need to fill up an application form that they will provide, and if everything turns out alright, they will provide the initial approval.

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• Get office space and external approvals

After receiving the initial approval, you can go ahead and acquire office space in Dubai. Be sure to receive the tenancy contract and EJARI as these are mandatory. After getting an office space, you need to get the external approvals as directed by the DED.

• Open a corporate bank account

After receiving your trade license from the DED, the last step is to open a corporate bank account in Dubai. Ensure that you research the financial institution and read their terms carefully before opening a bank account.

Documents Required for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Some documents are mandatory and need to be submitted to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. These documents are required for regulatory purposes and will help identify your firm in any future legalities.

The authorities in Dubai follow a no-compromise policy for paperwork, so these documents must be presented to get your mainland company setup in Dubai.

Here are the documents required for mainland company setup in Dubai:

  • List of business activities to be performed by the firm.
  • List of trade names for the firm.
  • Copies of the passports of all the shareholders of the firm.
  • Copy of the entry stamp or the visa page of all the shareholders of the firm.
  • Passport size photographs of all the shareholders of the firm.
  • The attested Memorandum of Association.
  • The initial approval letter from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.
  • The attested lease agreement or tenancy contract with the EJARI.
  • The approval certificates from the respective external authorities.
  • The formal agreement letter with a local sponsor or a local service agent.
How can Company Setup Consultants help you?

If you are looking to get started with your mainland company setup in Dubai at the most affordable cost structure, then you are in the right place. Company Setup consultants have years of experience starting various mainland companies for the most affordable price possible. Contact us today and hit the ground running.

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