E-commerce License in Dubai, UAE: Costs and Requirements

ecommerce license dubai

The demand for E-commerce license in Dubai has increased due to the convenience of online shopping. As a result, entrepreneurs, business owners, and traders are considering setting up an e-commerce business in Dubai. An e-commerce license is required to start and operate an online business in Dubai.

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, consists of business activities that involve buying and selling goods and services through an online portal. The monetary transactions that are made in the process are also online. Such E-commerce activities are categorized under the E-commerce license in Dubai.

Investors in the UAE enjoy benefits such as complete repatriation of profits, tax exemptions, and easy resource availability, making it an ideal place to start a digital venture. To simplify the process of setting up a business in the UAE, entrepreneurs can seek assistance from company setup consultants who can take care of all the essential business requirements.

As per the data from the International Trade Administration, e-commerce sales in the UAE witnessed a remarkable 53% increase in the year 2020. Furthermore, almost the entire population of the UAE is now digitally connected. It’s no surprise that forward-thinking entrepreneurs, much like yourself, are considering the UAE as a prime destination to establish a flourishing e-commerce enterprise.

There are many different types of e-commerce which include the following:

  1. Business to Consumer (B2C)
  2. Business to Business (B2B)
  3. Direct to Consumers (D2C)
  4. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  5. Consumer to Business (C2B)

If you are an entrepreneur seeking guidance on how to start an e-commerce business in Dubai, here is a step-by-step approach you can follow.

How to Get an E-Commerce License in Dubai, UAE?

Acquiring an e-commerce license in Dubai is a crucial step to start an online business. However, the process of setting up and operating an online business can be complex and overwhelming. Before you can start selling your products or services on your website, it is important to understand the steps involved in obtaining an e-commerce license in Dubai.

To get an ecommerce license in Dubai, you need to follow these steps:

  • Decide on a legal structure
  • Select an economic jurisdiction
  • Register a Company Trade Name
  • Dubai e commerce license application submission
  • Submit the application for the initial approval certificate
  • Draft the MOA / local service agent agreement
  • Rent an office space
  • Collect the license from the Department of Economic Development
  • Open a corporate bank account

UAE, Dubai E-commerce License Packages

Select a Dubai Ecommerce License Packages that's right for you.
E-commerce License in Sharjah
AED 8,050
Get E-commerce License in Sharjah Free Zone
All-inclusive package
100% Foreign Ownership
Freezone Ecommerce License
Zero Visa Allocation
No minimum Capital Required
No NOC Required
E-commerce License in Dubai Free Zone
AED 12,500
Get E-commerce License in Dubai Free Zone
All-inclusive package
100% Foreign Ownership
Freezone Ecommerce License
One Visa Quota
No minimum Capital Required
No NOC Required
MOU and Share Certificate Included
E-commerce License in Dubai Mainland
AED 15,000
Get E-commerce License in Dubai Mainland
All-inclusive package
Zero Investor Visa Quota
DED trade License with Govt. Fees
Virtual Ejari
No Office Space Required
100% Ownership
Memorandum of Association(MOA)
Company stamp

Cost of E-commerce License in Dubai Free zone

Everyone want to know about E-commerce license in Dubai cost? The cost of e commerce license dubai with visa will vary depending on whether you would like to opt for a trading or a professional activity. The basic cost of E-commerce license in Dubai free zone is as low as AED 12,500.

Here are the common factors that will determine the cost of starting an online business with an ecommerce license in Dubai:

  • License fee
  • Office rent
  • Visa costs
  • Immigration card cost
  • Local partnership cost

As a foreigner, you might not have a lot of ideas about the business setup procedures in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. That is why it will be in your best interest to seek help from professionals while setting up a business in the UAE. the cost of  e commerce license dubai or anywhere in UAE will  start AED 8,050 to AED 15,000.

Cost of E Commerce License  in Dubai Mainland

If the processes required to obtain the E-commerce license seem like a hassle, you can always opt for assistance from our expert business consultants. They will obtain the E-commerce license for you while you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

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For your dream digital venture, an e-commerce license in Dubai mainland can be obtained at a starting price of AED 15,000*. Here are the services you will receive if you want to get the E-commerce license in Dubai mainland with us:

  • E-Commerce License
  • Local Services Agent
  • Free Virtual Dubai Office
  • Eligibility for Employee Visas
  • Eligibility for Investors Visa
  • Corporate Bank Account Assistance
  • Included Free VAT Consultation
  • Included Free Company Stamp

Cost of E-commerce License in Sharjah Free Zone

Sharjah Free Zone provides the E-commerce license as well. The E-commerce license in Sharjah Free Zone is more affordable than the E-commerce license in Dubai Mainland. Our expert consultants can help you obtain the E-commerce license in Sharjah Free Zone.

Here are all the advantages you will receive with the cost of E-commerce license in Sharjah Free Zone as low as AED 8,050 only:

  • E-Commerce License
  • 100% ownership of your business
  • Included Free P.O. Box
  • Free Dubai Office Address
  • Included Free Company Stamp
  • Corporate Bank Account Assistance
  • Free Meeting or Conference Room Access
  • Complete Documentation of your Business.

Here are the free zones that have an e-commerce license activity:

  1. SHAMS
  2. Ajman Media City free zone
  3. RAKEZ
  4. IFZA
  5. Ajman free zone
  6. DMCC
  7. DTEC
  8. Fujairah Creative City
  9. UAQ free trade zone
  10. Commercity

Documents Required for E commerce License Dubai

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai requires some documents from you for regulatory purposes. These documents are mandatory if you want to obtain an E-commerce license in Dubai. Some more documents might be required depending on the business activities you mean to perform.

Here are the documents required by the Department of Economic Development for the E-commerce license in Dubai:

  •  Passports Copies of all the shareholders.
  •  Visas Copies of all the shareholders.
  • Copies of the sponsors’ Emirate IDs.
  • Local service agreement or civil works agreement.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authority.
  • Draft of an MOA (Memorandum of Association).

Types of E-Commerce Licenses in UAE

The e-commerce field has expanded exponentially since its inception. As a result, the business activities that fall under e-commerce can be categorized into completely different sections now. To facilitate the regulation of such business activities, the government has introduced three separate business trade licenses to categorize them.

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Here are the three types of e-commerce business trade licenses you can apply for in the UAE:

1). E-Trader License

The E-Trader license is for businesses that want to sell their products or services online. However, this license is only provided by UAE and GCC nationals who have residency in Dubai. Additionally, you cannot have a physical shop or office space if you want to obtain the E-Trader license in Dubai.

2). Virtual Company License

The Dubai Economy, in combination with the Dubai International Financial Centre, recently launched this license with non-residents and foreign investors in mind. The virtual company license will allow foreigners to launch their companies and perform business activities in the UAE, even if they are not physically present here. However, this license only allows business activities in three sectors, which are computer programming, designing, and advertising.

3). Portal License

The portal license is another e-commerce license in UAE that non-Emiratis and ex-pats can obtain. This license is for businesses that want to link buyers to sellers and perform business activities to achieve this goal. For example, if you want to launch a website that lists products, services, and reservations in the UAE, then the portal license is for you.

4). Freelance License in Dubai

A lot of online services are covered under the freelance license in Dubai. So, if you want to sell your services in Dubai from the comfort of your own home, the freelance permit is for you. However, you need to ensure that the business activities you want to perform are covered by the freelancer permit in Dubai. Here are the industries you can provide your services to with the freelance permit:

  • IT services
  • Media
  • Education

However, you cannot perform all the business activities in these fields. For example, you cannot sell products related to these industries with this license. Here are the business activities you can perform with a freelance license in Dubai:

  • You Provide your services to registered companies
  • your services to private individuals
  • Provide your services to government agencies
  • Send invoices and receive payments

Do your business activities match the ones allowed by the freelance license in Dubai? Company Setup experts can assist you by obtaining the license for you so that you are free to provide your services without worrying about the registration procedure or legalities.

Online Business License in Dubai

The Ecommerce license Dubai is also known as the online business license. This is because the authorities support online businesses here with the Dubai e-commerce license. Hence the name online business license in Dubai.

The businesses allowed by the E-commerce license in Dubai are also known as online businesses license in Dubai. You can opt for virtual offices in Dubai if your specific online business requires no physical base of operation. The virtual offices were introduced in the Estidama program, otherwise known as the Sustainability program.

Advantages of Obtaining E-Commerce License in Dubai

The E-Commerce license helped many businesses survive the pandemic. While there are many side benefits of doing online businesses like increased customer base, wider reach, decreased cost, etc. There are also some direct advantages related to obtaining the E-Commerce license provided by the government of the UAE.

Here are some of the advantages of an E-Commerce license in Dubai:

  • You can have 100% ownership of your own company. With an E-commerce license in Dubai, you do not need to look for local sponsors to share ownership of your company.
  • The E-Commerce license in Dubai allows you to easily open a bank account here.
  • You can register with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, which will allow you to easily import and export goods.
  • promote your products in Dubai via ads on various social media platforms
  • Register your business’s own trade name with the help of an E-Commerce license in Dubai.

E-Commerce Trade License in Dubai, UAE

The e commerce trade license Dubai allows you to start an online business in Dubai through an online medium. Before the introduction of the E-commerce trade license, all businesses in Dubai had to have a physical mode of operation.

They could have an online business but needed a physical office space to obtain a trade license and be recognized as an official business. The E-commerce license in Dubai changes all that to an online medium.

The business activities that you mean to perform can all be online with the help of an E-commerce license in Dubai. we can sell your products through your social media page or website.

You can accept payments for those products online as well. You can sell both digital and physical goods online. In the case of physical products, you need to deliver those products and you can accept cash on delivery with the E-commerce license as well.

How to Get Payment Gateways for E-Commerce Businesses in Dubai?

If you want to receive payments online for your products, then you will have to register and open an online account with one of the various Payment Gateways in Dubai. We suggest you do your own research and select a Payment Gateway that is both reputable and secure.

The “Telr Internet Gateway Company” in Dubai is one of the most affordable Payment Gateway providers in the UAE. They are secure as well, so your and your customer’s information will be safe.

e commerce license dubai

E-Commerce Sites and Delivery Services in Dubai

Online business in Dubai is the Most popular way of selling goods through marketplaces. Here are the most popular online sites in UAE for start your ecommerce business:

If you decide to launch your own platform, then you need to deliver your own products as well. You can either run your own delivery department or outsource the responsibility to other reliable options available in the UAE.

Here are the most popular delivery services in the UAE:

You can use their services for international deliveries as well. They have user-friendly apps that will give you all the information needed to track and manage the delivery of your products.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ecommerce License Dubai
How much is e-commerce trade license in Dubai?

The cheapest e commerce license in Dubai cost from as low as AED 12,500. However, this is the cost on paper, there will be other expenses that will bring the total cost up to about AED 14,000. The upper limit of the cost will depend on you.

Do you need a license for ecommerce in UAE?

Yes, you need the E Commerce license UAE for expats to start an ecommerce business here. The Ecommerce license is also known as the online business license Dubai.

Do you need an eCommerce license in Dubai?

Yes, to sell online in Dubai, you need the E-Commerce License in Dubai. It is also known as the online business license in Dubai. The government issues this license to help regulate all the online businesses in the country. The license also helps companies receive various benefits of running a business in the UAE.

What is E Commerce License in UAE?

The E commerce license in UAE is the business trade license that allows you to perform online business activities on your website or portal like- amazon, noon etc. These activities include making transactions online, selling or trading with the assistance of the internet, etc.

How to  E-commerce License in Dubai Freezone at AED 12,500 Only! Send Us Your Inquiry

I want to sell goods online in the UAE. Do I need an eCommerce trade license?

Yes, you need to get an ecommerce trade license to sell online goods in the UAE. This is because selling is a business activity, and you need to have a business trade license to perform any business activities in the UAE.

If you want to start selling your goods online in UAE, then you need to obtain the ecommerce trade license from the freezone or  Department of Economic Development .

You can easily obtain Cheapest e-commerce license in UAE with zero visa starts at AED 5,750* by contacting the Company Setup experts. Additionally, they will set up your business in any economic jurisdiction of your choice. To clarify, they will take care of all application procedures and approvals. All you need to provide is the necessary documentation.

How much is ecommerce license in Dubai?

The cost of ecommerce licenses in Dubai varies depending on the type of license and the residency status of the applicant. The E-trader license, priced at 1,070 AED (295 USD), is specifically available for existing UAE residents. However, if you are not a resident, there are alternative solutions available starting from 11,500 AED (3,150 USD). It is important to explore these options and consider the associated costs when seeking an ecommerce license in Dubai.

How to get ecommerce license in Dubai?

To obtain an ecommerce license in Dubai, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Determine the type of products or services you will be selling online.
  2. If you plan to sell physical goods, explore storage and delivery solutions that meet your business needs.
  3. Choose between registering your license in a free zone or with the Department of Economic Development, depending on your business requirements and preferences.
  4. Open a corporate bank account in Dubai to facilitate business transactions.
  5. Establish a contract with an online payment gateway provider to enable secure online transactions for your customers.
  6. Begin promoting your ecommerce business through various marketing channels to reach your target audience.
Get your E-Commerce License in UAE With Company Setup

If you have any concerns or uncertainties about the Cheapest e-commerce license in UAE or the procedures involved in starting an e-commerce business in Dubai Mainland or Free Zone, contact us our professionals before proceeding. At Company Setup Consultants, we have already aided over 25,000 customers in establishing their brand in Dubai’s marketplace, and we would be pleased to assist you in launching your online business in the UAE.

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