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Explore International Business By Investing In Dubai

Business sector is ever growing and would never end till the existence of the human race. Therefore, it is never a loss if you invest in the business sector. The simplest idea of your mind can be the inception of a company that gets unbelievable success in the future. If your mind is the home to ideas, then have a company setup in Dubai. It is the growing business capital of the world that is in search of foreign investors.

Dubai Is A Great Place For Offshore Company Setup

Offshore Company

If you want to setup a new business, then you can start with Dubai. In case your company is well established in your country and you want to expand the business on an international level, then also Dubai is the place. Dubai has various schemes for the businessmen to setup their business. Free zone business setup and mainland company setup are the two options that you can choose from.

Dubai Is Apt For Entrepreneurs

Dubai Is Apt For Entrepreneurs

If you are just starting your company, then go for the free zone company setup in Dubai. Free zones in Dubai are areas made for business and economic activities. These places are exempted from import and export duties. Free zones of Dubai also assure you with a hundred percent ownership of your company. The only drawback that a free zone company faces is that once you are free cell company, you cannot expand the business all over UAE.

Expanding Your Company Location To Dubai Would Be Lucrative

Expanding Your Company Location

If you already have a company running well in your country and want to explore other parts of the world, then you should opt for the mainland business setup. In this setup, you are allowed to trade all over UAE and have offshore company setup wherever you wish to. This allows you to give the UAE based companies a run for their money. However, the profit percent in this business is comparatively lower than a Free zone business.

Rules For Runing Business in Dubai

Rules For Runing Business in Dubai

In a mainland business, the prime rule is that you have to give away a huge percentage of the UAE branch ownership to UAE nationals. You need to nominate a UAE national or a group of UAE nationals and give them a minimum of 51% shares of the company that you own.

The options provided by the UAE government to attract foreign nationals are great. If you manage your business well, then you can avail great profits. Contact Company setup for the best agents of UAE.

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