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Formation of Division of SAIF or Sharjah Free Zone

SAIF Zone almost has 6000 companies and it was established in 1995. Here one can get continuous services that are related to container parking, bunkers, warehouses, land and air links that are provided by Sharjah Expo and Economic Department at better pricing. They have competitive pricing of license and also helps to choose between warehouses for the trading license. It has flexible packages that provide manufacturing facilities for all the licensing companies. 

They help to accommodate all the business. It has a wide range of industries from IT, media, manufacturing and focuses on industrialization for a year to year growth. As Dubai 2020 Expo is nearing, there is a good opportunity for the fresh entrepreneurs’ gauzing the market. It has less incorporation cost and 100% ownership. 

The formation:

There’s a lot to learn for the companies from this and later on, they can even utilize it to understand the market to expand the business. Sharjah mainland is very much in demand among the companies. They wish to appoint distributors to initiate basic company formation activity. The board resolution that is signed by the partners in the main SAIF Zone is very important to sign the board resolution. They mainly take care of the activities on the Mainland. The cost structure might also be quite similar to the other areas and it depends upon the activity. The cost structure is also according to the trade name that is almost same as that of the parent company. The documents that mainly concerns the parent company is required to be submitted to the Economic department of Sharjah. 

There is also a form of Board resolution that you can easily sign by the partners of the SAIF Zone Company. It mainly forms a free zone company in the mainland. If the company partners who have their companies in the SAIF Zone they should properly sign the board resolution by which you can appoint a manager. His main work will be to mainly take care of all the activities that are supposed to take place in the Mainland. The company can very easily trade in the mainland without appointing any proper distributors who are easily seen in the free zone companies. But the branches of the free zone companies will not allow them to take any sort of activities that is same as that of the free zone company. 

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