How to Start a Logistics Company in Dubai, UAE?

Start a Logistics Company in Dubai

The logistics industry in Dubai is widely recognized as one of the most lucrative sectors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With its advantageous strategic location, offering access to Asia, Europe, and Western countries, Dubai serves as an ideal hub for entrepreneurs seeking to start a logistics business.

Several factors contribute to the profitability and growth of the logistics industry in the UAE. The industry benefits from the diversification of services, harmonization of regional trade and export regulations, and the ongoing expansion and modernization of logistics services. These factors create a conducive environment for logistics businesses to thrive and attract both domestic and international clientele.

Dubai’s strategic position as a key global trade and transportation hub plays a significant role in driving the growth of the logistics sector. The city’s world-class infrastructure, including modern ports, airports, and an extensive road network, facilitates efficient and seamless movement of goods across various regions.

This makes Dubai the prime spot for starting a logistics business in the UAE. However, you will need a foolproof plan and correct execution to start a logistics company in Dubai.

Benefits of Starting a Logistics Company in Dubai, UAE

Setting up a logistics business in Dubai offers numerous benefits due to the favorable business environment and strategic advantages of the region. Some key benefits include:

1. Tax Advantages

Dubai’s tax system offers significant benefits, with no corporate or personal income tax, allowing for greater profits and business growth.

2. Strategic Location

Dubai’s central location makes it a hub for logistics. It provides easy access to markets in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

3. Top-Notch Infrastructure

Dubai boasts world-class infrastructure, including modern ports, airports, and road networks, ensuring smooth business operations.

4. Thriving Economy

Dubai’s rapidly growing economy, high GDP, and low unemployment rates offer ample opportunities for business expansion.

5. Business-Friendly Environment

Dubai fosters a business-friendly atmosphere with low taxes, minimal government intervention, and simplified regulations for easy business setup.

6. Multicultural Workforce

The city offers a diverse, highly educated, and English-speaking workforce, making recruitment and talent retention straightforward.

7. Free Trade Zones

Dubai’s free trade zones provide 100% ownership, tax exemptions, and simplified customs procedures, ideal for logistics and trade activities.

8. Supportive Government Policies

The Dubai government actively supports the logistics sector through infrastructure investments, regulatory reforms, and incentives for foreign investors.

Steps to Start a Logistics Company in Dubai

Starting a logistics business in Dubai can be simplified with the assistance of reliable business setup firms like Company Setup Consultants. Follow these straightforward steps:

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Step. 1 Choose Your Business Activity

Specify the type of logistics trading you intend to engage in. Ensure your chosen activity aligns with the approved activities listed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

Step. 2 Company Name Selection

Abide by naming rules; ensure your desired business name is available. Avoid offensive terms, famous brand names, or personal abbreviations when naming your company.

Step3. License Application

Apply for your UAE trade license, a pivotal step. DED issues licenses for mainland businesses, while licenses for logistics companies in free zones are provided by the respective free zones.

Step.4  Visa Application

Expats working in the UAE require a UAE residency visa. To obtain your investor visa, undergo a biometric scan, medical check-up, and chest x-ray. Your business license enables you to sponsor visas for family members and employees, subject to factors like your company’s size, business activity, and personal income for dependent visas.

Wide Range of Optional Business Activities:

Dubai provides a diverse range of optional business activities that logistics companies can engage in, such as warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding, e-commerce logistics, and more. This allows businesses to customize their operations according to their specific expertise and market demands.

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Documents Required to Set up a logistics business in Dubai

To establish a logistics business in Dubai, you will need the following documents:

  1. Passport copies of shareholders.
  2. Visa copies of shareholders (visit/residence visa).
  3. Passport copy of the manager, along with their CV.
  4. Evidence of trade name reservation.
  5. Confirmation of initial activity approval.
  6. Legal agreement for a physical address in the UAE.
  7. Proof of payment for the license fee.

Setting up your logistics business in UAE Mainland

Entrepreneurs who choose to open their company in the UAE can take advantage of various benefits based on the region where they establish their business. Setting up a logistics company in the UAE mainland comes with numerous advantages, thanks to the opportunities and infrastructure available. Dubai mainland, in particular, offers a gateway to diverse markets, resulting in high profitability and efficient distribution across the UAE. This strategic location allows businesses to tap into a wide customer base and establish strong connections for successful logistics operations.

Establishing Your Logistics Business in UAE Free Zones

Several popular free zones in the UAE cater specifically to logistics businesses, providing them with a conducive environment for growth and success. These List of free zones offer a range of benefits such as streamlined processes, advanced infrastructure, supportive regulations, and access to global markets. Some of the most renowned free zones for logistics companies in the UAE include:

  1. Dubai South Free Zone
  2. Dubai Logistics City (DLC)
  3. Dubai Airport Free Zone
  4. Jebel Ali Free Zone

Types of Logistics Business Activities in Dubai, UAE

When you establish a logistics company in the UAE, you gain the ability to engage in a range of business activities related to the logistics sector. These activities include:

  1. Freight brokerage.
  2. Shipping line agents.
  3. Customs brokerage.
  4. Warehouse management.
  5. Cargo transportation (via air, sea, and land).
  6. Third-party logistics services.

UAE Government Agencies’ Approvals for Starting a Logistics Company in Dubai

When starting a logistics company in Dubai, it is important to obtain the necessary approvals from the relevant government agencies. These approvals ensure compliance with regulations and allow you to operate your logistics business smoothly. Here are the key approvals required:

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a). Trade License:

want to start a logistic company in Dubai? you need to obtain a trade license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). This license validates your company’s legal existence and permits you to engage in logistics activities.

b). Customs Clearance License:

If your logistics business involves freight forwarding, you must obtain a customs clearance license from the Dubai Customs Authority. This license allows you to handle customs documentation, clearance procedures, and import/export operations.

c). Transport License:

If you provide transportation services as part of your logistics business, such as operating a fleet of vehicles, you will need to obtain a transport license from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). This license ensures compliance with regulations related to vehicle registration, driver licensing, and transport operations.

d). Warehouse License:

If your logistics operations involve warehousing services, you will need to obtain a warehouse license. The specific authority from which you obtain this license depends on the location of your warehouse. It could be the relevant free zone authority or the Dubai Municipality.

How to set up a logistics company in UAE?

Starting a logistics business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE can be a promising venture. To make it happen, here are the basic steps you need to follow:

1. Decide on Your Business Type
2. Pick a Business Name
3. Seek Initial Approval
4. Create Necessary Agreements
5. Obtain Government Approvals
6. Apply for a Business License

How can I get logistics license in Dubai?

If you’re looking to start a logistics business in Dubai, you’ll need specific documents to get your logistics license. Here’s a list of the documents you should prepare:

  1. Shareholders’ Passport Copies: Provide copies of the passports of all the shareholders in your company.
  2. Shareholders’ Visa Copies: If any of the shareholders have visit or residence visas, you’ll need copies of those too.
  3. Manager’s Passport Copy and CV: Include a copy of the passport of your company’s manager, along with their CV (resume).
  4. Trade Name Reservation Proof: Show evidence that you’ve reserved a unique trade name for your logistics business.
  5. Initial Activity Approval Proof: Provide documentation that proves you’ve received initial approval for your planned business activities.
  6. Legal Agreement for Physical Address: Have a legal agreement in place for the physical address where your logistics business will operate.
  7. Proof of License Payment: Keep records or proof of payment for your logistics license application fees.

How much is a logistics license in Dubai?

Logistics License Fees in UAE from the Free Zones in Dubai start from AED 11,900 for a Zero Visa quota. Similarly, for a logistics license from the UAE Mainland, the Trade License Fee will be approximately AED 28,000 for a virtual office license.

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