Instant License

Start Your Business in Dubai

Service Name: Instant License

Service Descirption Issuing the commercial license through only one step without the need for the Company’s memorandum of association and the site’s lease contract for the first year only. The site will be transferred and the Company’s memorandum of association will be attached upon renewal of the license.


  • All activities licensed by DED
  • In case of general trading activity, applying through the eservices and choosing LLC are mandatory.

Places and Hours of Service Availability

  • Service Centers (7:30 – 18:30)
  • Happiness Lounges (7:30 – 14:30)
  • Smart Lounge (24 hours)
  • E-Services

Terms and Conditions

  • There are no documents required for online application.
  • Happiness Lounges (7:30 – 14:30)
  • Smart Lounge (24 hours)
  • E-Services

Using other application channels requires the following:

  • All partners or one of them shall visit the outsourcing center to apply for the service.
  • Provide copies of the passports for all the license parties (partners and managers)
  • Provide a copy of residence visa and NOC issued by the sponsor for foreign parties.
  • Provide a copy of the visit visa to foreign parties.

Providing the service through E-Services

  • Personal attendance to create a new account in (Dubai ID) for parties who don’t have a previous account. The applicant shall show his/her original ID.
  • Visit the eservices portal.
  • Choose Instant License.
  • Login to Dubai ID.

The Fee

Only one payment voucher is issued, including the fees of initial approval, reservation of trade name and issuance of the license and the Markets Fees of AED 10,000 shall be fixed.

The Procedures

  • Select legal form.
  • Select business activity.
  • Add the partners according to the legal form, and identify the following points:
  • Partners’ share in the Capital.
  • Distribution of profits and losses between the partners.
  • Reservation of the trade name through the following ways:
  • Reservation of a new trade name
  • Use an automatically generated trade name, which consists of the trade name reservation number.
  • Add the value of the Capital in the commercial register data of the Company, and the rest of the fields will be filled automatically.
  • An option will be shown to issue an electronic memorandum of association within the available electronic service, and the customer may choose this option or just skip it.
  • A payment voucher shall be issued.
  • Pay the fees.


The memorandum of association is required in case of license renewal or amendment during the first year.