Investor Visa in Dubai: 2023 Comprehensive Guide

Investor Visa in Dubai

The UAE’s flourishing economy and business-friendly environment have made it a magnet for individuals seeking investment opportunities or planning to start their own businesses. For such ambitious individuals, the UAE offers a dedicated visa category known as the Dubai investor visa, also known as the partner visa.

Whether you’re investing in the mainland or free zones, you can apply for the Dubai investor visa. However, it’s important to note that the application process may vary depending on the emirate you choose. To provide you with a clearer picture, we present an overview of the Dubai investor visa, including the documentation process, application fees, and other crucial details.

What is the Dubai Investor Visa?

The Dubai Investor Visa, also called the Dubai Partner visa, is specifically designed for foreign nationals aspiring to establish a business or invest in an existing company in Dubai. With this visa, individuals can not only live and work in Dubai but also have the opportunity to sponsor their family members.

Are you interested in applying for an investor visa in Dubai? It’s essential to understand the Dubai investor visa rules. This visa is exclusively granted to individuals who meet specific criteria, such as purchasing shares in an existing company with a minimum value of AED 10 million or establishing a new company with a capital investment of the same amount.

Required Documents for Investor Visa in Dubai Mainland Companies

When applying for an investor visa in Dubai’s mainland, whether you are investing in an existing company or establishing a new one, you will need to gather the following documents:

  • Bank statement covering the past 6 months:
  • Immigration Establishment Card:
  • Memorandum Papers (MOA) as proof of share ownership:
  • One photograph with a white background:
  • Passport copy:
  • Copy of Trade License Dubai:
  • Typed application:

Note that recent changes in the rules have allowed complete foreign ownership in Dubai mainland, eliminating the requirement for a UAE national or agent as the majority shareholder. This update provides more flexibility and opportunities for foreign investors in Dubai.

Ensure you have all the required documents ready to proceed with your investor visa application smoothly. If you need assistance or guidance throughout the process, our team of experts is here to support you.

How to Get an Investor Visa in Dubai?

To get a Dubai investor visa, you have two options:

1. Start a New Company:

Registering a new company in Dubai is a straightforward way to secure an investor visa. You’ll need to become an owner or shareholder in the business. After forming your company, submit these documents to Dubai’s immigration department:

    • Copy of your trade license
    • Legally attested company Memorandum of Association (for partnerships) or Local Service Agent Agreement (for sole proprietorships)
    • Copy of your company establishment card
    • Proof of visa cancellation (if you have an existing employment or Dubai residence visa)
    • Copy of your visit or tourist visa (if applicable)

2. Proof of Existing Investments:

If you already have substantial investments in Dubai, this can also qualify you for an investor visa. Be sure to meet the specific investment criteria required by authorities for this option.

Applying For Dubai Investor Visa

To apply for a Dubai investor visa, follow these steps:

  1. Register your company with the Dubai Economic Department (DED).
  2. Apply for your company’s establishment card.
  3. If you’re outside the UAE, apply for your entry permit, enter the country, and change your visa status.
  4. If you’re already in the UAE, change your visa status in-country.
  5. Complete a medical test.
  6. Apply for your Emirates ID.
  7. Obtain suitable health insurance coverage.
  8. Get your investor visa stamped in your passport.

The processing time typically takes 15-20 working days, covering business setup, license, visa application, and visa stamping.

For proof of existing investments, you don’t need to create a new company. Provide evidence of your Dubai investments to the Dubai Municipality. If your request aligns with UAE government criteria, you’ll receive an NOC. Submit this NOC to the immigration department for your Dubai investor visa. Remember, approval depends on government agencies reviewing your eligibility.

Dubai Investor Visa Costs: A Breakdown of Fees

When applying for a Dubai Investor Visa through an Amer center, the following costs apply:

a). Entry permit:

Individuals in the UAE are required to pay AED 1,175, while individuals outside the UAE pay AED 525 for the entry permit.

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b). Change of status:

AED 675 fee is applicable for individuals who need to change their status within the UAE. This fee is not required for individuals entering Dubai from outside the UAE.

c). Visa stamping:

The approximate cost for visa stamping is around AED 870.

d). Emirates ID:

An Emirates ID, an essential identification document, incurs a fee of AED 500.

e). Medical tests:

The cost for mandatory medical tests is approximately AED 350.

Dubai Investor Visa for Free Zone Companies: Exploring Investment Opportunities

Dubai offers attractive investment opportunities through its free zones, designed to foster economic activity and encourage foreign investment. Companies operating in these designated zones enjoy benefits such as tax exemptions, including Value-Added Tax (VAT), and the freedom for foreign nationals to have 100% ownership.

Foreign investors and entrepreneurs who choose to invest in or establish a company within a Dubai free zone can also apply for the Dubai Partner Visa, with the free trade zone acting as their sponsor. However, it is important to note that the application process and requirements may vary depending on the specific free zone, the nature of the business, and other factors.

When applying for the Dubai Investor Visa as an owner or investor of a free zone company, it is crucial to understand the unique procedures and costs associated with each free zone. The application process and fees can differ based on the specific free zone where your company is located. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the relevant free zone authority or seek assistance from professional service providers familiar with the requirements of each free zone.

Dubai boasts a diverse range of free zones catering to various sectors, including media, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. By exploring the complete list of free zones in Dubai, you can identify the most suitable free zone for your business activities and leverage the benefits it offers.

Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process of applying for the Dubai Investor Visa for free zone companies. We can provide tailored assistance, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process that aligns with the requirements of your chosen free zone.

5-Year and 10-Year Investor Visas in Dubai: Long-Term Residency Opportunities

The UAE government has implemented a series of long-term visas, including the property investor visa, providing extended residency options for eligible individuals in Dubai.

5-Year Investor Visa: Qualified investors can avail themselves of the 5-year investor visa, which grants an extended period of residency in Dubai. This visa allows investors to reside in the UAE for a longer duration and engage in business activities, offering stability and continuity for their ventures.

10-Year Investor Visa: For those seeking an even longer-term residency solution, the 10-year investor visa is available. This visa provides a decade of residency in Dubai, enabling investors to establish a long-lasting presence and actively participate in the local economy.

Both the 5-year and 10-year investor visas offer numerous advantages, including the ability to own property, conduct business, and access various services and amenities in Dubai. These long-term visas promote economic growth, attract foreign investment, and provide investors with a sense of security and stability in their ventures.

To qualify for the investor visas, certain criteria must be met, including a specific level of investment in real estate or other eligible sectors. The exact requirements may vary, so it is recommended to consult the relevant authorities or seek guidance from professional service providers who specialize in visa applications and residency matters.

Eligibility for the 10-Year Investment Visa in Dubai

To be eligible for the 10-year investment visa in Dubai, individuals must meet certain criteria and fulfill specific conditions. The primary requirement is making public investments of at least AED 10 million. Here are the investment options available for interested parties:

1. UAE-based Investment Funds: Investors can allocate a minimum of AED 10 million in approved investment funds based in the UAE. These funds offer opportunities for diversification and growth across various sectors.

2. Establishing a Company in the UAE: Individuals can establish a company in the UAE with a minimum capital investment of AED 10 million. This allows investors to start a business venture and contribute to the local economy.

3. Partnering in a New or Existing Company: Another option is becoming a partner in a new or existing company in the UAE, where the share value of the investment must be a minimum of AED 10 million. This partnership can provide opportunities for collaboration and growth within the chosen business sector.

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Important Rules for Investment Conditions in the 10-Year Visa Application

When considering the investment conditions for the 10-year investor visa in Dubai, it is crucial to keep in mind the following rules:

  1. Non-Loan Investment: The invested amount must not be in the form of a loan. It should be a genuine investment made by the applicant, and it must be their own funds.
  2. Financial Solvency: Applicants must demonstrate financial solvency for the invested amount, which is up to AED 10 million. This means they should have the necessary financial resources and stability to make such an investment.
  3. Division of Investments: The AED 10 million investment needs to be divided between real estate and non-real estate investments. The exact allocation between these categories may be subject to specific regulations and guidelines set by the authorities.

Eligibility for the 5-Year Investor Visa in Dubai for Real Estate Investment

To qualify for the 5-year investor visa in Dubai specifically for real estate investment, individuals must meet the following conditions:

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1. Minimum Property Value:

The investor is required to purchase a property or properties with a minimum total value of AED 2 million. This investment amount must be fulfilled through the acquisition of real estate assets.

2. Financing Options:

It is permissible to finance the AED 2 million investment through a loan from select local banks. This allows investors to leverage financing opportunities while meeting the required investment threshold.

3. Property Retention:

The investor must commit to retaining ownership of the property or properties for a minimum period of two years. This demonstrates the long-term investment commitment and contributes to the stability of the real estate market.

4. Approved Real Estate Companies:

The investor should direct their investments towards one or more off-plan properties offered by approved real estate companies. These companies have met the necessary criteria and regulations set by the authorities, ensuring a reliable and transparent investment process.

It is important to note that meeting the specific criteria for the 5-year investor visa for real estate investment is crucial, as any deviation may impact the visa application. Applicants should consult the relevant authorities or seek professional advice to ensure compliance with the specific guidelines and regulations.

By fulfilling the eligibility requirements for the 5-year investor visa in Dubai through real estate investment, individuals can enjoy an extended period of residency in Dubai, harnessing the potential of the vibrant real estate market and contributing to the overall economic growth of the city.

Eligibility for the 5-Year Investor Visa in Dubai for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs seeking a 5-year investor visa in Dubai must fulfill specific conditions to qualify for this visa category. The eligibility criteria for entrepreneurs are as follows:

  1. Minimum Investment Amount: The individual must invest a minimum of AED 500,000 in an existing project or a project that has been approved by an accredited business incubator. This investment demonstrates the entrepreneur’s commitment to the local business ecosystem and their contribution to economic growth.
  2. Accredited Business Incubator: The project in which the investment is made should be approved by an accredited business incubator. Business incubators provide support, mentorship, and guidance to startups and entrepreneurs, ensuring their viability and growth potential.

Benefits of the Investor Visa in Dubai

There are many benefits of moving to Dubai permanently. However, there are many ways to move to the UAE through various types of visas. But there are specific benefits of moving to the UAE with an investor visa.

Here are the benefits of moving to Dubai with a Dubai investor visa:

1). Sponsor family members

The investor visa in Dubai lets you sponsor the visa of your family members including your spouse, parents, children, and one domestic worker. Additionally, depending on the size of your office space if you own a business, you can also sponsor the visas of some of your employees.

2). Visa validity

You can get up to 10 years of residency with an investor visa in Dubai. Additionally, you can easily renew the visa once its validity is expired, considering you still meet the requirements for the visa. At the same time, you can stay outside the UAE for a maximum of 1 year at once without worrying about the validity of your investor visa in Dubai.

3). Ease of travel

Last but not the least, the investor visa makes it possible for you to easily travel to any GCC country for leisure or business proposes. Additionally, you can also easily get other visas in those countries when you have investor status in Dubai.

How to get a UAE Investor Visa?

To obtain a UAE Investor Visa, you can:

  1. Invest in an approved fund.
  2. Start a new company with a minimum capital of AED 10 million.
  3. Be a partner in an existing company with shares worth at least AED 10 million.

How much is the investor visa in Dubai?

You must make an investment of AED 10 million in the UAE’s civil sector or invest a minimum of AED 5 million in a property to obtain a lifetime investor visa in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. Entry permit costs: something around AED 1,000 to AED 1,100.

What Are The Rules For Opening A Business In Dubai?

If you’re interested in obtaining an investor visa by creating your own company in Dubai, follow this step-by-step guide to establish your business. For individuals exploring the free zone alternative, please refer to our comprehensive guide on how to open a free zone office in Dubai.

Can You Sponsor Your Spouse And Children With An Investor Visa Dubai?

Certainly, with an investor visa in Dubai, you have the privilege to sponsor your spouse and children, enabling them to reside alongside you in the city.

How Can I Check The Validity Of My Investor Visa?

To verify the status of your investor visa, you can utilize the ICA Smart Services and check it using your passport number.

How can Company Setup Consultants help you?

If you want to obtain an investor visa in Dubai but you do not know where to get started, then you are in the right place. This is because Company Setup Consultants have helped countless businessmen, entrepreneurs, and investors from all over the world get their visas in the UAE. Contact us today and hit the ground running.

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