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Want to set up a mainland company in the UAE?

Dubai is known for its global infrastructure and facilities, and it is considered as an international business hub with unlimited opportunities for business owners. Setting up a mainland company in Dubai gives you lots of benefits such as; the wide range of covered business activities and the unlimited ability to trade locally and internationally.

Once you choose the activity of your company and its structure, you can accordingly issue one of the following three main types of licenses in Mainland, Professional, Commercial, or Manufacturing / Industrial license. The type of your company will also determine whether you need to have a local sponsor, who will maintain 51% of the shares, or if you just need a local service agent, who will act as the company’s representative to deal with all governmental entities.

The general mainland company setup process can be summarized in 10 main steps, and our experts are here to help you through every single one, to make sure that you are choosing the most appropriate and beneficial options for your business, and to do it based on real data and the most recent market analysis.

Business Locations in UAE Mainland

Business locations in UAE Mainland.
dubai city

Dubai Mainland

The private businesses are authorized to conduct any commercial activities in the Dubai Mainland under the jurisdiction by the department of Economic development. The aspect of judicial procedures that are considered for the start and formation of the businesses in Dubai mainland, are managed by Department of Economic Development.

abu dhabi city

Abu Dhabi Mainland

Abu Dhabi mainland is an adventurous marketing hub for small companies and startups because of massive number of major improvements in the region as compared to other emirates. We have customized plans for new companies as well as reputed businesses help in initiating your business in the mainland of Abu Dhabi

sharjah city

Sharjah Mainland

One of the highly stabilized community of UAE is Sharjah. Its reputation as well as establishment will attract you for building empire in the mainland. The company formation is highly affordable with additional perks of modern infrastructure, amenities, and special business facilitation measures.

ajman city

Ajman Mainland

Ajman is reputed for outnumbered business opportunities and lavish office infrastructure. The mainland is the concentrated hub for international investments. We are available to help you start your business in the mainland of Ajman.

fujairah city

Fujairah mainland

It is already well established region with reputed multi-national businesses landed in the mainland. The perks in establishing businesses in the mainland are convenience, opportunities, and affordability with the similar growth as expected in Dubai.

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Frequent Ask Questions

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The LLC is a Limited Liability Company form of business in the UAE. It can be formed by 2 to 50 shareholders. The liability is also limited to the shares in the business capital as per the common practice.

Employment visa mainland is basically a specific visa that is valid up to only two years. it is the same as the free zone visa in other clauses that includes the medical, stamping and others.

VAT is applied throughout the UAE. It includes the mainland, free zones, and everywhere else. The only regions where the VAT is not applied are outside the UAE.

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