Dubai Mainland Company Setup Packages

Select a package that's right for you.

When it comes to Dubai mainland business setup cost, our packages provide the most value you can get us of your money. The Dubai mainland company formation cost will depend on which package you choose. We have three packages that take care of everything you need to get a business started in the UAE. The only difference between those packages is the office space. So, depending on your office needs, pick a package today and get started.

Exclusive Mainland Basic Package
AED 15,000
Start your Dubai Mainland Company without local sponsor
Instant License
No Local sponsor needed
No Office Space Required
PRO service fee
Trade license (Govt. fees)
Company stamp
Company Address
Mainland Silver Package
AED 25,000
Start your Dubai Mainland Company with local sponsor
All-inclusive package
Local sponsor fees
PRO service fee
Trade license (Govt. fees)
Company stamp
Virtual Office
Mainland Gold Package
AED 32,000
Start your Dubai Mainland Company with local sponsor and Virtual Office
All-inclusive package
Virtual Office with Ejari
Local sponsor fees
PRO service fee
Trade license (Govt. fees)
Company stamp
Flexi Desk

Services in Mainland Business Formation Packages Explained

In case you are confused about any of the services we are providing in our packages. Here is a brief explanation about each of those packages:

Local Sponsors

Previously, any foreigners looking to start a business in Dubai mainland needed a local sponsor to share ownership. Foreigners could only own 49% of business on the mainland. However, now foreigners can own 100% of a business on the mainland without a local sponsor. But if you need additional support, you can still choose to have a local sponsor.

PRO services

In the UAE, you need the help of a Public Relations Officer, also known as a Government Liaison Officer. These PRO services  include processing government and legal paperwork. These documents are crucial and that is why a specialized Government Liaison Officer is required.

Trade License

The most lengthy and technical process of setting up a new business in the UAE is obtaining the trade license. However, you do not need to worry about all the steps involved in the trade license registration process since we will be handling it for you.

Company Stamp

It is legally mandatory for all businesses to have a company stamp in the UAE. We will help you produce this company stamp for you. The stamp will contain your company’s logo and the company’s name as well.

Office Space

A tenancy contract and the EJARI are required to receive the trade license approval from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. We will provide these documents for you, while you can freely choose the office accommodation that will best suit your needs.

Dubai Mainland Company Formation Benefits

There is a lot of debate about which is better between the free zones and the mainland. The truth is it depends on the type of business you are planning to start in the UAE. While some businesses benefit from the mainland more, others will benefit from the free zones. Here are the benefits of a mainland company formation:

  • 100% exemption from corporate taxes.
  • 100% exemption from personal taxes.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits from your business back to your home country.
  • No currency restriction from any countries in the world.
  • No minimum capital requirement for getting a mainland trade license.
  • No yearly audit requirement for businesses.
  • No restrictions when processing employment visas.
  • You can carry out your business activities anywhere in the UAE.
  • You can provide your services without the help of any professional service agent.
  • You can take lucrative government and private contracts anywhere in the UAE.

Mainland Company Setup Dubai Cost

When comparing this to the free zones in the UAE, the main difference is that the free zones do not allow business activities to be easily conducted outside the respective free zone. You can perform a few activities outside the free zones through the help of service agents, who take a flat fee or part of your earnings. On the other hand, a mainland company can perform its business activities anywhere in the UAE without restrictions.

Dubai Mainland Company Formation Cost

Mainland Business Setup Cost UAE

Let us help you understand the mainland company setup Dubai cost. While you will be paying a flat cost based on the package you choose, several different expenses add up to form the company setup cost we are presenting to you. Here are the components that make up the total cost:

  • Trade license registration fee.
  • Initial approval from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai fee.
  • Dubai Municipality fee.
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce fee.
  • Trade name registration fee.
  • Office rent.
  • Ministry of Economy registration fee.
  • Local sponsor fees if you have any.
Dubai Mainland Business Setup Process

To help you understand how we are helping you with your company formation in the UAE, here is the mainland business setup process step by step:

Select Business Activities

The first step is to determine your business activities. Depending on your business activities, you need to apply for the respective trade license from the Department of Economic Development. We will select the right type of trade license for your business.

Select Legal Form

The legal form of your business will dictate the laws and regulations your business is subjected to after formation. We will suggest the best legal form for your business based on your business type.

Select Trade Name

You need to select a trading name that is not already registered in the UAE. You can suggest three or four trade names to us, and we will check if they are already trademarked in the UAE or not. After that, you can finalize one according to your choice.

Get Initial Approval

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai needs to provide an initial approval before you can go any further. We will acquire this initial approval for you. Since we have been working with the department for so long, we have developed connections that will streamline the process.

Draft the MOA

We will help you draft the Memorandum of Association for your business. As we have mentioned before, our PRO services got you covered.

Get Tenancy Contract

We will provide the tenancy contract for your business. The tenancy contract is a mandatory piece of document required by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. You also need this to get some of the external approvals depending on your business type.

Get External Approvals

Your business requires some external approvals from various agencies and government bodies depending on your business type. We will get these approvals for you from external sources.

Submit Required Documents

After you have received all the external approvals, the Department of Economic Development will check the validity of all the documents. If everything checks out, they will provide the trade license within a few days, and you are good to go.

So, verify your office needs and select one of our packages today. Then sit back and relax while we handle everything for you.