Medical Services in Dubai

Medical services for expats in Dubai

LinkedIn has conducted a survey and has found that the United Arab Emirates that is particularly UAE is the popular destination in the work for people looking for work. Dubai is even preferred by American citizens searching for overseas work. In UAE, the expat community is very large and continues growing. Most people move to Dubai with their jobs and health care is mostly taken care of by the company. Some of the ways to obtain medical services in Dubai are as follows:

Public health care

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is managed by the Dubai Health Service. DHA manages both private and public health care. All the four emirates that are Hatta, Latifa, Rashid, and Dubai consists of an emergency department providing both outpatient and inpatient services. The majority of staffs speak in English. 

Medical cards

It is necessary to have a UAE medical health card to access services offered in medical facilities managed by the government. You have to offer your passport details and national ID number. You can even apply and obtain health card though you hold health insurance. 

Private healthcare

Apart from reaching medical centers and public hospitals, several expats utilize private healthcare. People holding global private health insurance have the option to select from 130 services in DHCC (Dubai Health Care City) alone. It is a modern complex providing advanced private medical services for around 150 various medical specialties. 

Health insurance

It has become mandatory for all Dubai residents to hold health insurance cover. The plan should offer at least a basic kind of coverage.