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NMC License in Dubai: 2022 Complete Guide Step by Step

NMC license in Dubai

The NMC license in Dubai is meant for all categories of social media influencers. For example, both fashion influencers and food bloggers can use the National Media Council(NMC) license to promote their content.

In addition to this, tech, automobile, hardware, and other reviewers can also perform their business activities legally with the NMC license in Dubai. This makes the process of obtaining the NMC license in Dubai very easy.

Social media and digital marketing are crucial parts of the business world right now. That is why social media influencers are making so much money in today’s market.

To clarify, if you have a lot of followers and a fan base that is influenced by your choice and actions, then you can market products and single-handedly make a business profitable. As a result, the market for social media influencers is growing at an astounding rate.

Since social media influencers are able to ‘influence’ the choices and actions of their followers, the National Media Council(NMC) in Dubai has taken necessary steps to regulate this market.

This is because, over the recent years, many social media influencers have promoted harmful trends and products. That is why regulation of this industry is required to protect the health and safety of the consumers.

As a result, the NMC license was released in hopes of monitoring the social media influencers in the country.

Basics of UAE Media Law for Influencers

The media laws in UAE are very strict. For instance, it is illegal to photograph someone in the UAE without their consent. Additionally, you could land in serious trouble even if you keep someone in the background of your content without their consent.

That is why, it is suggested that you promote your products in your own environment, and if you need to create your content in a public place then be aware of your surroundings.

Another major law to keep in mind is regarding cultural sensitivities in the UAE. For instance, any content that is blasphemous or against Islamic morality will be prosecuted under the UAE Cyber Crimes Law.

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Additionally, any untrue claims about a person or company and their products can land you in serious legal trouble here. As a result, you need to ensure that your content is family-friendly, and do not contain any misleading information.

If you intend to promote your own products and services, or you want to promote other products and services for free then you do not need to obtain an NMC license in Dubai to create and upload your content.

However, if you want to earn money through the content you upload on social media, then you need to obtain a license.

Type of NMC License in Dubai

All types of content can be posted with the NMC license in Dubai. However, depending on the number of people involved in making the content, you can obtain three different types of NMC licenses in Dubai.

Keep in mind, that the type of NMC license you need to obtain will depend on the number of people that appears in the content. This means that the people involved in editing and uploading the content does not count.

Here are the three types of NMC licenses in Dubai:

Individual license

The individual license is for content creators who work alone to produce their work on social media. However, they may have editors and managers, but as long as they do not appear in their videos, they can work with the individual license.

Partnership license

The partnership license is for two-man operations, where two influencers collaborate to create their content and upload them on various social media. For example, siblings often collaborate to create content under the same account, in such cases, they need to obtain a partnership license.

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Agency license

The agency license is for a firm where multiple people create content under a single brand name. For example, if different people are reviewing different types of tech under the same name, then they need to apply for the agency license.

What are the Process of Obtaining the NMC influencer License in Dubai?

The process of obtaining the NMC influencer license in Dubai is fairly easy compared to getting a business trade license. Additionally, you do not need a trade license to perform your business activities as an influencer if you have the NMC license in Dubai.

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Even though it is easy to obtain, if this is your first time in the UAE, then it is suggested that you get assistance from Company Setup experts because they have the necessary experience required to obtain the NMC license in Dubai without any hiccups.

Here are the steps required to obtain the NMC license in Dubai:

1. Valid Emirate ID and UAE Residency Visa

You need to have a valid Emirates ID and UAE residency visa to be eligible for the NMC license in Dubai. If you do not already have these documents, then you can easily obtain them with the help of Company Setup professionals.

2. Complete Application Form

You need to complete an application form for the NMC license in Dubai. Keep in mind that any errors in the application procedure will cause some expensive setbacks in the license registration procedure. That is why it is suggested that you seek assistance from the Company Setup experts.

3. Submit Documents and Pay Fees

The last step is to pay the required fees and submit the necessary documents to the National Media Council. For example, the required documents for the NMC license in Dubai are an Emirates ID photocopy, a Residency Visa copy, and a photocopy of the business trade license if you have a company.

Additionally, the cost of the NMC license in Dubai is AED 15,000, which translates to USD 4,000 at the current market prices.

Documents required for NMC Influencer License

When applying for your NMC influencer license, you will need to submit some or all of the following documents:

    • Emirates ID photocopy
    • Residency visa Copy
    • Business Trade License photocopy (if applying as a company)

How can Company Setup Consultants help you?

If you want to obtain the NMC license in Dubai but you do not know where to get started, then you are in the right place.  So, contact us today and hit the ground running.

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