Company Registration in Dubai, UAE

Company Registration in Dubai

Company registration in the UAE is a streamlined process essential for establishing a legal business presence in the region. It encompasses procedures such as name approval, activity selection, document submission, and obtaining a trade license. UAE offers attractive benefits for registered companies including 100% foreign ownership, full profit repatriation, and tax savings, making it a preferred destination for foreign investors.

Company Setup Consultants provides comprehensive support for company registration, tailored to individual business needs. The jurisdiction for registration includes Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore, each offering unique advantages and costs. Mainland companies can now be fully expatriate-owned, subject to specific regulations. Free Zones and Offshore companies allow 100% expatriate shareholding with varying costs depending on facilities and visa availability, starting from AED 8,050.

Step-by-Step Guide to Company Registration in UAE

Company registration in the UAE involves a systematic process facilitated by Company Setup to ensure seamless registration and ongoing support for investors. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

1. Tradename and Business Activity Approval:

  • Choose a suitable tradename and business activities for your company.
  • Submit the chosen tradename for approval by the relevant authority.
  • Company Setup will assist in coordinating this process, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating approval.

2. Document Submission and Coordination:

  • Prepare all necessary documents and shareholder details for submission.
  • Coordinate with Company Setup for document submission to the appropriate authorities.
  • Company Setup’s team will manage the processing of company licenses and other required documents, ensuring a smooth registration process.

3. Applying for Residency Visa:

  • Once company documents and trade license are approved, apply for UAE Residence Visas for investors.
  • Eligible investors can obtain long-term residence visas.
  • Company Setup assists in preparing visa applications, arranging supporting documents, and liaising with government authorities for visa processing.

4. Residence Visa and Emirates ID Processing:

  • Investors must travel to the UAE for medical tests and to stamp their residence visa on their passports.
  • Emirates ID application processing requires an in-country medical examination for investors.
  • Company Setup’s PRO Agents coordinate visa documentation, processing, stamping, and passport delivery to investors promptly.

5. Bank Account Opening Assistance:

  • Company Setup effectively liaises with UAE banks to open corporate and personal bank accounts.
  • While physical presence is required for corporate account opening due to KYC compliance, paperwork can be initiated remotely.
  • Investors can coordinate with Company Setup to streamline the process, including obtaining Emirates ID, undergoing medical tests, and opening bank accounts during a single visit to Dubai.

By partnering with experienced consultants like Company Setup, investors can benefit from professional support throughout the registration process and beyond. Company Setup’s dedicated team of PRO Service Agents ensures efficient document processing, registration, and delivery, providing investors with a hassle-free experience.

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Guide to Setting Up a Company in Mainland UAE

Certainly! Below is the information presented in a table format for easier readability:

Company Structure Description
Limited Liability Company (LLC) – Popular choice for mainland UAE businesses. – Suitable for more than 2 shareholders (up to 50). – Offers liability limited to shares owned by investors. – Can be formed for various commercial, services, and industrial activities.
Professional Company (Civil Work Company) – Ideal for professionals like consultants, lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc. – Allows 100% ownership by the owner. – Registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the respective emirates in UAE.
Branch or Representative Office of Foreign Companies – Option for foreign companies to establish a presence in the UAE mainland. – Requires meeting specific criteria and requirements. – Enables companies to expand into local UAE markets or test market conditions before wider expansion.

These are the major company structures available for setting up a business in the mainland of UAE, each with its own set of advantages and suitability depending on the nature of the business and ownership preferences.

Required documents for New Company Registration in Dubai

Document Description
Applicant’s Passport-Size Photograph A visual representation of the entrepreneurial spirit, serving as an introduction to your venture.
Application Form The cornerstone of your registration process, initiating the narrative of your business journey in Dubai.
Passport Copies of Legal Participants Resemble characters in a story, these legal participants breathe life into your business.
Notarized and Attested LSA and MoA Documents Serve as plot twists, ensuring the establishment of a secure legal framework and agreements.
Applicant’s Tourist Visa Acts as the gateway to success, providing entry into the vibrant business landscape of Dubai.
Ejari Number (Business Space Verification) Comparable to the setting in a story, the Ejari Number verifies the physical space where your business unfolds.

Cost of Company Registration in Dubai

In Dubai, the cost of company registration varies based on business type. Typically, it includes expenses for Documentation & Attestation, Business License, and Visa Processing & Immigration. Additional approvals may be needed for specific activities. Business consultants charge service fees for assisting with company formation and PRO Services. For instance, setting up a Civil Company with virtual office and trade license for one year costs between AED 25,000 and AED 29,000. Company Setup specializes in providing cost-effective solutions for company setup in Dubai.

Benefits of Company Registration in Dubai

Dubai stands out as a premier destination for business registration, offering a host of unique advantages for foreign investors. Here are some distinctive benefits:

#1. Tax Advantages:

Enjoying a tax haven, Dubai imposes no personal or corporate income tax, along with no capital gains or withholding taxes. This attractive tax landscape is a significant draw for businesses aiming to minimize tax liabilities.

#2. Complete Foreign Ownership:

Foreign investors have the remarkable opportunity to own 100% of their business in Dubai, whether within a free zone or on the mainland. This flexibility simplifies the process for international investors to establish and manage their businesses.

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#3. Liberal Business Laws:

Dubai boasts business-friendly regulations, providing a hassle-free environment for starting and operating businesses. There are no restrictions on the type of business one can establish, and the freedom to hire foreign employees is unrestricted.

#4. World-Class Infrastructure:

Dubai’s infrastructure is top-notch, encompassing modern transportation systems, a world-renowned airport, and cutting-edge telecommunications networks. This robust infrastructure facilitates seamless business operations and global connectivity with customers and suppliers.

#5. Strategic Global Location:

Positioned strategically at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai serves as an ideal base for businesses targeting international markets. Its central location enhances accessibility and connectivity, making it an excellent choice for businesses with global aspirations.

Choosing Dubai for company registration opens doors to a unique blend of tax benefits, foreign ownership privileges, liberal business laws, exceptional infrastructure, and a strategic global location, providing an unparalleled business environment for international investors.

Business Types in Dubai

Embarking on the journey of registering a company in Dubai involves navigating various business types. Here’s an exploration of the diverse options:

a). Mainland Company:

A mainland company opens doors to operations across Dubai and the entire UAE. Notably, foreign investors can now own 100% of mainland companies in Dubai, marking a significant shift with a few exceptions.

b). Free Zone Company:

Opting for a free zone company provides perks like 100% foreign ownership, full profit repatriation, and tax exemptions for a specified duration. However, these businesses are confined to operating within the free zone or internationally, excluding the local UAE market. Each free zone comes with unique regulations and advantages, allowing businesses to choose the one aligning with their needs.

c). Offshore Company:

An offshore company serves as an ideal choice for international businesses seeking privacy, asset protection, and tax optimization. With 100% foreign ownership and no requirement for physical presence in Dubai, offshore companies cannot conduct business within the UAE. They are well-suited for international trading, managing intellectual property rights, and handling investments abroad, offering a flexible and secure environment outside the UAE.

Register a Company in UAE today with Company Setup!

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey in Dubai is a decision brimming with potential, yet the intricacies of company registration can pose challenges. That’s where professional guidance becomes invaluable, and at Company Setup Consultants, we’ve been a steadfast partner in this venture since 2013.

Our unwavering commitment spans a spectrum of services, facilitating entrepreneurs in establishing over 25,000 companies in the UAE. From Dubai company registration to comprehensive documentation, translation services, sponsorship support, business licensing, rented office spaces, and PRO services – we offer an array of solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

With Company Setup Consultants, expect not just assistance but a reliable partner committed to delivering timely solutions. Our expertise ensures that your entrepreneurial journey in Dubai begins with the right support, setting the stage for success.

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