Public Share Holder Company

Public Share Holder Company

A Public Share Holding Company is a company whose capital is divided into transferable shares of equal value.


  • Partners can practice any industrial, commercial or professional business activities in accordance with DED business regulations.​


  • A public shareholding company can be owned by partners of any nationality in accordance with DED business regulations. A corporate body can own shares in a public shareholding company.
  • A Public Share Holding Company must have at least 5 founding members who are UAE Nationals, owning between 30% and 70% of the capital shares.


  • The company must have maximum 5 appointed managers as per DED business regulations.


  • Minimum capital of AED 30,000,000.

Trade Name:

  • The business name cannot include the name of any of the shareholders, with the exception of patents registered in the name of a shareholder or if the business uses a store that has the name of a shareholder. The phrase “Public Shareholding Company” must be included in the business name. ​


  • The company can have more than one branch. Each may undertake one or all of the activities included in the main business license.

Assignment of License:

  • Public Shareholding Company branches can be sold and waived to any party or company. The owner(s) can also change its legal form according to DED procedures