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Opening a Yoga Center in Dubai, UAE: Benefits, Procedure, and Cost Guide

Set Up a Yoga Center in Dubai

Yoga has gained significant popularity worldwide, and Dubai, the capital city of the UAE, is no exception. With a health-conscious population, there is a thriving market for yoga centers in Dubai, presenting a lucrative business opportunity.

If you’re considering setting up a yoga center in Dubai, this blog provides valuable insights into the advantages, procedures, and costs involved. Discover the potential benefits and learn how to navigate the process of establishing a successful yoga studio in Dubai.

Process to Set Up a Yoga Center in Dubai, UAE

The process of setting up a yoga center in Dubai is relatively easy. However, if this is your first time starting a business in the UAE, then it is highly suggested that you seek the assistance of Company Setup experts.

Even if you are experienced in the business world, you can still save time with Company Setup Consultants. This is because they have the necessary expertise and connections required to streamline the business formation process.

Here are the steps you need to follow to set up a yoga center in Dubai:

1. Choose an Economic Jurisdiction

The first step is to choose an economic jurisdiction for your yoga center in Dubai. You can either go for the mainland or one of the free zones in Dubai. There are various advantages of both of these options.

2. Choose a Legal Structure

You need to choose a legal structure for your business. The most popular types of legal structure in Dubai right now are Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Civil Company, and Limited Liability Company. Additionally, you can also go for a public or private shareholding company if you want to expand rapidly.

3. Register a Trading Name

You need to register a trading name for your yoga center in Dubai. Ensure that the name is catchy and attracts yoga lovers. At the same time, you need to ensure that the name abides by the regulations set by the government. And last but not the least, you need to ensure that the name is unique inside the UAE.

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4. Choose a Location

You need to select a space for your yoga center in Dubai. At the same time, you need the tenancy agreement and EJARI because they are mandatory for getting the business trade license. You can rent a space as well if your starting capital is limited.

5. Get the Required Approvals

You need to get two main approvals for your yoga center in Dubai. The first is from the Yoga and Sports Welfare Department and the second is from the Ministry of Public Health. With the help of Company Setup experts, you can easily get these approvals.

6. Submit the Required Documents and Fees

If you are starting your business on the mainland, then you need to get your license from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Alternatively, if you choose a free zone, then you need to get the license from the respective free zone authority.

Start your Dubai Mainland Company without local sponsor @ AED 15,000

7. Open a Corporate Bank Account

The last step is to open a corporate bank account for your yoga center in Dubai. Ensure that you research the institution and read the contract carefully before signing anything.

8. Complete the Visa Process

If you are a foreigner who is moving to the UAE for the first time, then you need to complete this additional step. After receiving your business trade license, you can get your visa and sponsor the visas of your family and employees.

Documents Required for setup a yoga center in Dubai, UAE

  • Applicant professional experience letter
  • Passport
  • visa copy
  • Evidence of fee submission and more

Cost of Establishing a Yoga Studio in Dubai: Explained

Opening a yoga studio in Dubai doesn’t necessarily require a hefty investment. While some instructors or yoga professionals prefer practicing in open environments, many customers seek the comfort of air-conditioned rooms offered by studios. If you opt for a studio setup, the cost can vary, with an estimated average of AED 25,000, which includes the yoga license cost in Dubai. However, it’s important to note that this cost does not cover additional expenses such as the 2.5% market fee and 5% VAT. By considering these factors, you can plan your budget accordingly when setting up a yoga studio in Dubai.

Benefits of Setting Up a Yoga Center in Dubai, UAE

There are various benefits of setting up a yoga center in Dubai, UAE. Additionally, there are a lot of benefits to starting any business in Dubai. This is because of the long-term plan to change the economic focus of the country from the oil and gas industry. As a result, the government is providing various benefits to anyone from anywhere in the world if they choose to start their business in the UAE.

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Here are the benefits of setting up a yoga center in Dubai:

● Health-Conscious Citizens

As we have mentioned before, the citizens of Dubai and the rest of the Emirates like to take care of their mental and physical health. Thankfully, yoga is good for both the mind and the body. As a result, your yoga center in Dubai will not lack for clients and disciples.

● Foreigners Including Indians

Yoga is accepted as the best way to meditate all across the world. And a majority of the population in the UAE consists of foreigners with 27.5% of them being Indians. Additionally, yoga originated in India. As a result, a yoga center in Dubai is a really good business idea.

● Post-Covid Practices

People all around the world have become more health conscious after the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the virus affects the lungs, and yoga is a good way to get your lungs back on track because it involves breathing exercises.

● Opportunities to Expand

If your brand gets a reputation as a quality yoga center in Dubai, then you can easily expand to the other Emirates. Additionally, you will get various incentives from the government of the UAE to expand easily.

● Tax Benefits

There are various tax benefits for all businesses in the UAE. For starters, there are no personal taxes in Dubai. This means that you and your employees do not need to pay taxes for your earnings from the yoga center.

● Sole Proprietorship Available

Dubai mainland now allows foreigners to be the sole owners of their business. This means that the Sole Proprietorship company structure is available for foreigners as well. So, you no longer need to look for local sponsors and pay their fees to start a business on the mainland.

How can Company Setup Consultants help you?

With the ever-increasing popularity and positive growth of yoga, opening a yoga studio in Dubai presents a lucrative opportunity for substantial profits. Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the process involved in setting up a yoga studio in Dubai, you can embark on this exciting venture within a matter of weeks. To expedite the process even further, consider enlisting the assistance of a trusted business setup consultant.

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