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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Food and Beverages Industries in Dubai

Inside a globalized world where millions of people travel across the unknown world. People have different flavors and culture. Dubai a place where expatriate population is more as compared to the locals, as it has an influx of foreigners from Russia, China, both the American continents and the rest of the world.

food and beverage in Dubai

Why Dubai has the best F&B market place?

  • Dubai required to be diverse in terms of infrastructures, easy business setup procedures, an international market place, friendly locals and much more.
  • According to KPMG (One of the Big Four accounting organizations) back in the year 2015 UAE had one of the biggest Food & Beverages market places as per euro meter at AED 2.4 billion.
  • Dubai is one of the most influential and the second largest Emirate of UAE.

According to census carried out by KPMG inside Dubai:

  • Every weekend about 67 percent of the total population inside Dubai goes out for a dinner.
  • While 44 percent goes out for a take away launch.
  • 66 percent of the people are recorded to go for brunch once a month.

5 Reasons Why you should invest in Food and beverage Industry?

  1. Hotspot for Tourists

Dubai is rich in culture, active opportunities and much more to avail from for any startup or enterprise. Having a large number of SME’s inside Dubai provides more opportunities to any foreigner and local to visit this majestic city. About 15.93 million international overnight tourists visited Dubai back in 2018 which has since increased.

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tourist hotspot in Dubai

  • Government authority and other private organizations hosts tourist from across the globe by arranging different festive each year.
  • Tourist company provides a wide range of packages for exploring culture and places inside Dubai.
  • Exploring the tall skyscrapers, state of the art infrastructure, the deep blue sea and most importantly the food here in Dubai.
  • Food which serves all equally including the locals and expatriates is the main priority for Dubai and its people.
  • Having a diverse form of population gives priority to diverse form of food deals.
  1. World Class Restaurants and Hotels

One of the finest and most amazing places to spend some time. Dubai has the 7- Star hotel Burj Al- Arab to the places in downtown Dubai. All of these wonderous places provides an unlimited experience for you to treasure all your life. Dubai has Zaroob, Tom and Serg, Bu Qtair, Din Tai Fung, Ravi restaurant, Calicut Paragon and much more to offer these expatriates inside the region.

  1. Modern Infrastructure

Leading industrialist and construction companies have established itself inside Dubai while constructing state of the art buildings. There more than just one reason for you to do investment inside Dubai.

Modern Infrastructure

  • Leading architectural firms have worked to provide the most iconic design for mosque, Skyscrapers, monuments and other infrastructures.
  • The transportation system is considered to be one of the best across the globe, there are much to look forward to if your intent to invest inside Dubai.
  1. Easy setup for Businesses inside Free- Economic zone

There are some of the designated zones inside Dubai and UAE which do not charge your business any taxes of any sort.  Setting up your business inside the Free economic zones have its own benefits.

  • Free economic zones have 0 percent corporate tax, income taxes and other custom duties.
  • There some of the best plans for you to setup your F & B business inside the free zones as most of the expatriates live inside these areas.
  1. Easy licensing Procedures

The most important of all for any new business body is to have the authorization for doing their respective business. The restaurant license registration becomes even more easier with Company Setup Consultants.

  • Dubai has the easiest licensing procedure to register your company.
  • With the consultancy provided by Company Setup Consultant you will have a clear view of all the legal procedure for getting world class Pro Services and other help to get your company running.
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Author’s Recommendation helps you out to establish your business inside Dubai. Pro Services along with the rest of the essential services are been provided by us to help you inside this international market place. In the year 2015 it is estimated that 30 percent of the new businesses have established itself inside Dubai. Keeping all that in mind we have a number of deals offered for establishment of your businesses inside the region.

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