Visa Services in Dubai

All people entering Dubai should hold a visa. It is not needed if the person is coming from one of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. In that case, the visa will be provided on arrival. 

Kind of visas available as per UAE law

There are several kinds of visas under the United Arab Emirates law and mostly depends on the reason for visit.

Corporate or Employment Visa Service

Foreign nationals searching for jobs in the businesses certified in the UAE need employment visa so as to continue working here. The employment visa should have been approved by the UAE Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. The Immigration Department issues the employment visa.

Residence or family sponsorship visa

A residence or family sponsorship visa remains applicable to the children, parents or spouse of UAE residents. The family members of the UAE occupant can get this visa when they want to stay at the UAE. As per the UAE government, it is necessary to satisfy several requirements regarding the respective occupant’s monthly salary, designation, and other terms depending on the personal circumstances. 

Partner or investor visa

A partner or investor visa is necessary for foreign nationals who are thinking to start their own business/company or to capitalize on a surviving business/company in the UAE. The partner or investor visa enables the holder to reside and labor in the country for about three years. To get an investor or partner visa in the country, it is necessary to satisfy certain criteria and perhaps surrender a security deposit. 

Nanny or household visa

It is necessary to follow certain formalities when it comes to sponsoring a housemaid or nanny in the UAE. One of the major requirements for the foreigners to get nanny or household visa is they should be laboring as domestic help. 

What are the documents necessary for the Dubai Visa Application?

  • Completely filled and signed VISA application form
  • Passport copy of the visitors.  The passport should remain valid for at least six months from the period you are entering into Dubai.
  • Current passport size photographs of the visitors – 2. It should be in white background. The size of the image should be according to the requirements of Dubai immigration policies.
  • Copy of bank statement showcasing transactions of the previous month