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What is the best business to start in UAE?

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The UAE is one of the best places in the world right now where you can start a new business. The startup-friendly rules and regulations of the country are the main attraction for entrepreneurs and investors from all around the world. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the other emirates provide unparalleled opportunities for the growth and development of new businesses. Company setup is easy here as well thanks to the available business consultancy services.

The question that comes to mind when looking at the ease of doing business in the UAE is then ‘What is the best business to start in UAE?’. Well, there are quite a few of them that you can start to take advantage of the attractive zero percent tax on both personal and corporate incomes. So let us look at the best businesses to start in the UAE right now.

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10 of the best business to start in the UAE

These businesses are easy to start, easy to operate, and more profitable than other options available in the UAE. Here are the top 10 businesses to start in the UAE:

  1. Cleaning Services

Let us start with the easiest yet one of the most profitable services in the UAE. To start providing cleaning services anywhere in the UAE, you need very little investment to work with. Since Dubai is a very glamorous city, cleanliness is one of the top priorities of the people here. The rest of the emirates share the same sentiment towards cleanliness as well.

Combining both personal and commercial properties, you will never lack clients when running a cleaning business. With most of the population being in the upper bracket, they are happy to pay to keep their offices and apartments clean.

  1. Healthcare and Wellbeing

To get started in the healthcare industry, you need sufficient knowledge and expertise in a specific subject. However, if you have the required education to back up your profession, the UAE is one of the most profitable countries for healthcare professionals. The UAE has the largest health and wellness market in the Middle East with a worth of over USD 3 billion.

You do not necessarily have to be a doctor to be a service provider in this sector. If you are an athletic person, you can be a personal trainer or a gym instructor as well. You can be a nutritionist or trade-in supplements and vitamins.

  1. Construction Agency

Dubai and the rest of the UAE are continuing to grow at an astounding rate. With this growth comes the necessity of excellent infrastructure and raw materials. That is why the construction industry in the UAE is so attractive. You can either work directly in the field or even provide construction materials for other projects. Both are attractive sectors to get into as new infrastructure is constantly required. As long as the UAE continues its growth of the country’s economy, the construction industry will continue to boom.

  1. Real Estate Agency

After the construction of all the high-quality infrastructures, those need to be sold. That is why real estate agencies provide such a high return in the UAE. Dubai provides higher returning yields than major cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and London.

As the number of foreign residents and foreign businessmen continues to increase in the UAE, the market provides other investment opportunities as well. For example, the property management services are also very profitable here.

  1. Beauty Salon

A beauty salon business also needs a low investment to get started like the cleaning business. And similarly, the locals here will spend generous amounts of money to look good. They have a lot of expendable income and as a result, they do not go cheap when it comes to looking good. If you are a qualified beautician then you should go to a beauty salon in Dubai. You will never lack for clients.

  1. Restaurant

Again, as people have a lot of expendable income, they are more likely to eat out or order in than cook for themselves. The UAE has the most food and beverage outlets per capita in the world. This might seem like a disadvantage because you might think that the competition is high. However, as the demand is higher than the supply right now, there is a scope for new market entrants in the food and beverages sector of the UAE.

  1. Web Development Services

This is another sector where the demand is way higher than the supply. New businesses open every day in the UAE and all these startups need a website. Businesses in all sectors are dependent on the internet now more than ever. As a result, web development services are in high demand right now.

  1. Day-care Services

This is one of the most popular freelance services in Dubai. As people here are very hardworking, the need for extra hands to look after dependent people is high. It might take a while to build a customer base for day-care services. To offset this, the starting investment required is minimal.

  1. Handyman Services

With the ever-increasing number of businesses, the need for troubleshooters, technicians, repairers, and handymen, in general, is very high. If you can provide reliable and effective services in this sector, then you will never lack in clients. There is no need for any extra marketing of your services, as word of mouth will bring more clients than you can take on, considering that your services are spotless.

  1. Consultancy Services

Last but not the least, if you are an expert in any subject at all, then there are a lot of people who would like to learn or use all the knowledge you have to offer. However, you need to ensure that you have the experience and qualifications necessary in your particular field to provide consultancy services in Dubai.

You can open any of these businesses in the UAE and conduct business activities but you need a business license first. We provide business consultancy services for existing companies and new company setup. Contact us today and get started in the UAE immediately.

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