If you are looking for options to expand your business and make your company famous all over the globe, then you should start with Dubai. Dubai is an ever-growing city in a country that seeks foreign investors and wants people to setup their companies on their land. For the same, they have come up with great business plans and schemes for the businessmen. These schemes, if approached well planned, can help your business to be great in no time.

What Are Free Zones? How Are The Free Zones Important?

Free Zones

There is an area designated to business and economic activities in UAE known as the free zone. The free zones are setup with the basic idea of attracting foreign investment to UAE. For the same, these free zones business setups have a lot of offers for the businessmen. Few offers of the free zones are zero import and export duty and a full ownership of your brand. However, just like every coin has two parts even the free zones have its cons.

Know The Rules Of A Free Zone Company

Free Zone Company

You are not allowed the permit to operate all across the country. If you are willing to do that, you need to register your company as a Mainland company. That means you need to give up 51% shares that you own to a citizen of UAE or a group of UAE citizens. Apart from this, there are some sectors that you cannot work is a free zone company. You need to go through the guidelines well and make sure that you do not violate any guideline.

Free Zones Where You Can Setup Your Company

Setup Your Company
Even though everything said earlier, free zones still remain the best place to invest in a foreign nation. When you invest in UAE, you get numerous options of free zones where you can have your free zone business setup. Some of those places are the Dubai Design District, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Healthcare City and Ummar al Quwain free trade zone.

Thus, its seen that it is wise to plan your company setup in Dubai intelligently and in a free trade zone. This leads to a bigger profit than mainland business setups. For all the legal guidelines and help that you need to setup a company in UAE, contact a business setup consultant. Company setup can help you with that and give you the best options in UAE.