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Why Dubai is the Best Place for a Trading Business?

Trading Business in Dubai

In the past two decades, the UAE government has transformed the scope of business and trading in the Arabian Gulf. Here you can read Is trading a good idea and what is the process of getting trading license.

Dubai has been at the forefront of this transformation with the local authorities consistently introducing investor friendly laws and modernizing their infrastructure.

Today, it is home to an 80% expatriate population, all of whom have relocated themselves in an attempt to establish their selves and businesses.

It goes without a doubt that setting up your business in the UAE, particularly Dubai is a lucrative investment and can lead to many opportunities. Here are the reasons it is considered the best place for trading.

Benefits of trading business in Dubai

Top Factors that Make Dubai the Best Place for doing Trading Business


    • Geographical Location
    • Trading Ecosystem and Economy
    • Trade Laws and Regulations
    • Tax Benefits
    • Open Trade
    • Diversified Trades
    • Profitable Commercial Laws
    • Hassle-free Visa Policy

1. Trading Ecosystem and Economy

The general environment of trading in Dubai is amongst the healthiest in the world. This is mainly due to the check and balance that is done by the government and its bodies. Transparency and mutual benefit are held in high regards here.

As for the economy; It has been flourishing ever since a non-oil initiative was taken years ago. It comprised of strategies that would help build the economy without the inclusion of the money from oil.

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2. Geographical Location

The strategic location of Dubai is one of the many factors that attract individuals and companies looking to set up their trade business. It is a doorway that connects to 3 continents including; Africa, Asia and some key nations in Europe. Hence, a plethora of expats look at the city-state as an easy and economic route for their imports and exports.

3. Stable Political Atmosphere

Dubai has one of the most stable political atmospheres in the region. The credit here goes to the government that has made unprecedented efforts in establishing and maintaining diplomatic ties with nearly all countries in the world. This has resulted in a huge boost in the economy and has led other Arab nations to follow in suite.

4. Hassle-free Visa Policy

With its ever-growing number of foreign residents, Dubai has made leaps in terms of making visas and their conditions more convenient. For instance, it has introduced new benefits for people looking to acquire an investor visa, as well as extend the validity of the visas of highly skilled workers to 10 years.

5. Diversity and Growth

The city-state has one of the world’s most diverse markets and this has taken the possibilities of growth to its zenith. In fact, the trading business was reported to have had the most enormous growth in the Emirate in the year 2019.

In addition to this, it has also been reported that the trading sector is going to drive the economic growth of Dubai in the years ahead of 2020, thus, the government will continue to introduce attractive laws and regulations to further accelerate it. See if you want to start food trading business in Dubai, How you can do that.

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