Offshore Company Formation UAE

There are three offshore locations in the UAE to setup your company in Dubai (JAFZA), RAK or Ajman, and all offer great benefits such as capital flexibility, full confidentiality, and property ownership by issuing the needed approvals and fast cost-effective setup process.

Offshore company formation guarantees total banking security and privacy, freedom to have multiple bank accounts in different currencies to carry out the needed global business operations, availability of global funding and total tax exemption .Each location offers a distinctive set of benefits, for instance an offshore company formation in Ras Al Khaimah offers the best cost-effective options , while JAFZA is the only Offshore Company that is legally permitted to own property situated in Dubai.

Offshore Company Setup Package Include
Business setup Consultation
Registered Agent
Incorporation Certificate
Filing with the ROC
Registration and PO box
License fees
MAA drafts
Full documentation forms

Business Locations in UAE Mainland

Benefits of Offshore Company


You will find your assets to be protected


This is a perfect example of renowned offshore locations


The legal structures would facilitate a strong layer of protection from any sort of future liabilities


Luckily, the offshore companies are provided with Tax Optimization.


The legal complication are removed resulting in Simplicity


There are very low and insignificant Capital Requirements.


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Restrictions on the activities of Offshore Companies

  • Prohibited activities include the insurance, banking, and financial services. Additions can be made based on the new cases.
  • The UAE Offshore Company formation are not allowed entirely by the authorities to perform any commercial operations in the country.
  • There are specific areas where you can invest in the real estate while being considered as offshore.
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Offshore Requirements

Offshore Company Formation in UAE – Requirements

It is important to mention that the offshore companies are only required to act as per they are registered for and there is no exception that they can provide any service or facility in the entire United Arab Emirates.

There should be a proposed capital that must be mentioned in the application

Full names and addresses are required to be mentioned in the application form.

The application form is required to be with the offshore company’s proposed memorandum.

The article of association is also required along with.

offshore company setup

Individual applicant

  •  Personal profile of applicant.
  •  Passport copy of applicant.
  •  Bank reference letter.
  •  Proof of residence (utility bills like water/electricity bill evidencing the address of the applicant)
  •  Director’s passport copy. (shall be one director minimum, shareholder can also become a director)
  •  Power of Attorney in favor of our office to pursue the incorporation process. (Draft will be provided by us) notarized and legalized up to the UAE Embassy/consulate in the country of execution.

Corporate Applicant

  •  Certificate of registration of the company duly legalized and attested by the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin.
  •  Certificate of good standing of the company duly legalized and attested by the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin.
  •  Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company (Applicant Company) duly legalized and attested by the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin.
  •  Bank Reference letter.
  •  Board resolution calling for the establishment of an offshore company, appointment of directors (minimum one director) and appointing our office as the company legal representative duly attested by the UAE Embassy/consulate in the country of origin.

Company Activity

Offshore companies can operate in various industries and activities outside the UAE.










UAE Offshore License

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Documents required

Documents required for UAE Offshore Company Formation
Rak International Corporate Centre Jebel Ali Offshore
Passport copy should be certified and provided Passport copy should be certified and provided
Address proof like a utility bill or tenancy agreement. Bank reference letter
Address proof like a utility bill or tenancy agreement
Bank statement of last 6 months