Are You Looking for IFZA Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai?

Setting up a business in IFZA Dubai offers a promising path to success in the Middle East. Tap into abundant resources and lucrative markets by joining IFZA’s dynamic ecosystem. Your gateway to prosperity awaits!

The International Free Zone Authority(IFZA) was founded by Dubai Silicon Oasis in August of 2018 in Fujairah. However, in August 2020, it has moved to Dubai which significantly increased its popularity among the free zone authorities in the UAE.

Before starting your venture in IFZA Dubai, gather essential documents like ownership agreements, licenses, passports, and company papers, ensuring they meet IFZA’s legal requirements. Registering entails fees, including office space costs for businesses with four or more visa allocations. The added advantage is the global service partner network, acting as your UAE representative, facilitating smooth operations with IFZA. Take the leap towards success with IFZA’s comprehensive support!

Since it provides opportunities for Business setup in Dubai free zone with various lucrative packages, investors from all over the world recommend IFZA Dubai. This is not the only reason they recommend Dubai free zone company formation in IFZA.

Company formation in IFZA is very simple and fast. As a premier Free Zone Community, IFZA offers an exceptional business environment, featuring top-notch infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and investor-friendly regulations. It stands as the perfect hub for foreign investors seeking to establish and expand their businesses in the UAE. Unlock your business potential with IFZA today!


Setup your business with IFZA for an array of benefits: access to vast resources, potential in lucrative markets, ease of legal compliance, global service partner network, and comprehensive support for a successful venture in the Middle East. Don’t miss the opportunity to thrive with IFZA!

Experience the ultimate benefits with IFZA:

  1. Full ownership of commercial enterprises
  2. Swift and efficient company incorporation
  3. Multinational team for expert business advice
  4. Repatriation of capital and profit at 100%
  5. No need for physical presence during incorporation
  6. Flexibility to combine multiple activities under a single IFZA license. Embrace success with IFZA!

What are the Business Licenses offered by the IFZA Dubai?

IFZA caters to diverse needs with its wide range of license options and business activities, accommodating both small local ventures and large international businesses. Find the perfect fit for your requirements and set your path to success with IFZA!

Here are the business trade licenses offered by the IFZA:

Commercial License

Empowers import, export, distribution, and storage of specified items.

Professional License

Ideal for consultancy and service-based businesses, offering technical, lifestyle, and similar services.

Industrial License

 Enables import of raw materials, manufacturing, processing, packaging, and export of specified products. (Available upon request)

General Trading License

The general trading license is one of the most flexible business trade licenses provided by the IFZA Dubai. It allows a wide range of business activities including service activities and trading activities. All businesses following the B2B, B2C, and C2B models can apply for the general trading license.

Consultancy License

The consultancy license allows business activities that various consultancies in the UAE need to perform. For obtaining the consultancy license, you need expertise and experience in the particular field you want to provide consultancy services in. For example, if you want to provide construction consultancy, you need to be sufficiently experienced in the construction industry.

Service License

The service license allows the business activities a business needs to perform for adding in the production and distribution of products in the UAE. For example, if you want to provide transportation services for manufacturers or producers, you need to apply for a service license.

Holding License

allows the holding of standalone assets and/or shares in other companies.

Branch License

Foreign-incorporated companies can easily register a branch at IFZA. Discover your pathway to success with IFZA’s flexible choices!

IFZA Freezone Business Setup Package & IFZA License Cost

Consultancy & Services License

IFZA Packages IFZA License Cost
Zero Visa – Commercial License AED 11,500
License with 1 Visa Quota AED 15,700
License with 2 Visa Quota AED 17,900
License with 3 Visa Quota AED 19,700
License with 4 Visa Quota AED 21,300
License with 5 Visa Quota AED 22,900
License with 6 Visa Quota AED 24,700

Trading License

License Packages Fee in AED
Zero Visa – Commercial License AED 11,500
License with 1 Visa Quota AED 15,700
License with 2 Visa Quota AED 17,900
License with 3 Visa Quota AED 19,700
License with 4 Visa Quota AED 21,300
License with 5 Visa Quota AED 22,900
License with 6 Visa Quota AED 24,700

Card & VISA Fees

Cards & VISA Fees Fee in AED
Establishment Card (3 years) AED 1,500
Resident Visa (3 years) AED 3,750
Medical test AED 870
Emirates ID AED 370

The Process of Business Setup in IFZA Free Zone

As the world moves towards the internet more and more every day, free zone company formation in Dubai is just a few clicks away thanks to the International Free Zone Authority. You can do it from the comfort of your home in a few minutes. Besides the ease of company formation in  IFZA free zone , they are also one of the most cost-effective free zones in the UAE.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to set up your free zone company in IFZA:

  1. Determine the ideal company structure.
  2. Apply for business registration.
  3. Submit all necessary documents.
  4. Pay the applicable license fee.
  5. Receive e-agreement from IFZA.
  6. Sign e-agreement and share capital letter (for FZE & FZCO).
  7. Obtain e-license for your business.

Documents Required for Business Setup in IFZA Free Zone

The documents required by the authority will vary depending on several factors like business location, business activity, company size, and many others. You might even need to get additional approval depending on your business activity.

a). For applications with individual shareholders:

  • Passport copy
  • Digital passport photo
  • Application form with UBO information (provided by IFZA)
  • Emirates ID and visa copy for UAE residents
  • Related third-party approvals, if applicable. Simplify the process and begin your business journey with IFZA today!

b). For applications with corporate shareholders:

  • Passport copy and digital passport photo of each shareholder and general manager of the corporate shareholder.
  • Application form with UBO information (provided by IFZA).
  • Emirates ID and visa copy for each UAE resident shareholder.
  • Board resolution.
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association of the corporate shareholder (or its equivalent).
  • Valid trade license (or its equivalent).
  • Certificate of incorporation or formation of the corporate shareholder.
  • Any related third-party approvals, if necessary. Simplify your registration journey with these essential documents at IFZA.
Obtaining a UAE Residence Visa After IFZA Dubai Free Zone Company Formation

After company formation in Dubai free zone, you can obtain a UAE residence visa for staying in Dubai for managing and running your business. Even if you will run your business through a manager, you can still obtain a UAE residence visa after Dubai free zone company formation in IFZA.

Here are the steps you need to follow to obtain the UAE residence visa:

  1. Apply for the established card of your company after getting the IFZA business trade license.
  2. Wait for 5 to 7 days to obtain the established card of your company.
  3. Fill the UAE residence visa application form to the IFZA.
  4. Submit the required fees to the IFZA.
  5. Once you receive the visa, you need to go take a medical test within two to three days of the mentioned date.
  6. After the medical test is complete, apply for the Emirates ID.
  7. Complete the Emirates Biometric Scanning process.
  8. Submit the required documents to the IFZA office and wait for the Emirates ID.
  9. Collect your visa Emirates ID and Visa.





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Advantages of IFZA Company Setup in Dubai

Enjoy unparalleled benefits with IFZA business setup:

  1. 100% foreign ownership
  2. Tax-free status – no personal, income, or corporate taxes
  3. Full repatriation of capital and profits
  4. Strategic location fostering ample opportunities
  5. No paid-up share capital required
  6. Diverse range of business activities
  7. Effortless and speedy setup process
  8. World-class infrastructures and leasing options
  9. Global connectivity for seamless operations
  10. Exemption from import and export duties (excluding mainland imports). Experience unmatched advantages with IFZA and pave your way to success.
How much does it cost to start a free zone company in Dubai through IFZA?

Experience the Cost of IFZA licenses, starting at AED 13,900 for business setup. Choose from zero to 6 visa packages. All permitted activities align with Dubai DED. Visa costs start from AED 3750, and promotions ensure enhanced pricing for investors entering the world of IFZA company formation. Start your journey with IFZA today!

Company Liquidation In IFZA Free Zone

Completing company liquidation in IFZA is hassle-free. An agent handles the process, no owner’s physical presence needed. Pay the government fee and submit an audit report. The 1-month procedure includes visa cancellation, lease agreement termination, and bank account closure.

Explore IFZA setup options with Company Setup, a top Dubai business setup company. Company Setup Consultants offer tailored solutions for your UAE IFZA company formation. Contact us now for expert assistance!

Process Of Company Liquidation In IFZA

Here is the step-by-step process to liquidate a company in IFZA:

Step.1 The first step is to provide a document that would justify your decision to liquidate. You must provide documents that show that the decision to liquidate is approved by all the shareholders of the company.

Step.2 The next step is to hire a liquidity services firm that will handle all the aspects of company liquidation.

Step.3 Next, you will need to de-register your trade license. A request to liquidate the company must be submitted one month before that.

Step.4 You will need to submit the board resolutions and other corporate documents to the free zone authority to initiate the company liquidation process in IFZA.

Step.5 Next, you must cancel the visas of all the employees sponsored by the company and pay off their outstanding salaries.

Step.6 Outstanding obligations with creditors and suppliers must be settled beforehand.

Step.7 Next, you will need to submit the auditor liquidation certificate to the IFZA to obtain the Trade License Cancellation Certificate.

Step.8 Finally, you can obtain the Trade License Cancellation Certificate and publish the liquidation report to complete the process.

You can follow these simple and straightforward processes to liquidate your company in the IFZA. To know more about Company Liquidation in IFZA and clear up any confusion regarding the process, connect with our expert Business Consultants right away!

Discover the exceptional features of IFZA business setup:
  • No need to submit an annual audit report to IFZA authorities.
  • Secure up to 3-year visas for owners and employees.
  • No employee guarantee deposit required in the free zone.
  • Company formation doesn’t necessitate the physical presence of the investor.
  • Experience IFZA’s unique advantages today!
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