IFZA Free Zone Company Setup

Why IFZA is a Leading Choice?

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) offers a global quality business hub for all types of businesses, and different license options to effectively cover all activities and needs. Our Company Setup consultants are here to support you through a cost-effective setup process and sufficient business consultation solutions.

How We Can Help You with IFZA Company Formation?

Starting a new company in a new process can be a daunting task. However, our expert consultants have been working in this specific field for a long time. They have a lot of experience opening new businesses in various free zones across the UAE. As a result, they have created a lot of productive connections with the authorities in these free zones. Here are how they can help you get your business up and running easily:
Market Knowledge

Our professionals are constantly working across various markets in the UAE. They have in-depth knowledge about various markets in Dubai and are always updated with the latest changes. If you are uncertain about the business activities you wish to perform here, you can always contact us.

Company Formation

There are several steps in the company registration process, but you do not need to worry about those. Our experts will take care of the company formation process, while you are free to make more important decisions regarding your business. With our expertise, you can successfully incorporate a business within a day. Moreover, your presence is not required in the UAE.

Trade License Registration

To conduct the business activities of your choice in IFZA Free Zone, you need to apply for the respective trade license that allows those business activities. Our experts will apply for the correct trade license for you according to your choice of business activities. The connections of our consultants with the IFZA authorities will streamline the trade license registration process.


We will help you get visas for you and your employees as well. You can select our license packages with the appropriate number of licenses required for your business. You can also sponsor visas for your spouse or domestic workers after receiving your own visa. UAE has announced a long-term residential visa for businessmen. We can also help you get your Establishment Card, Medical test, and Emirates ID. If you need any help regarding company formation in IFZA then Company Setup consultants are always ready to help you.

Licenses You can Apply in IFZA
There are several licenses you can apply for the IFZA Free Zone business setup. These licenses cover business activities for small, medium, and large businesses from all over the world. The licenses you can apply for IFZA Dubai Free Zone company formation are:

Consultancy License

For specialized professionals who want to provide expert consultancy services for businesses across all the allowed business industries in the UAE. This license allows you to hire consultants to work for you. So even if you do not mean to provide the consultancy services yourself, you can still apply for it.

General Trading License

There are two types of trading licenses that are issued in IFZA. The general trading license allows you to trade any commodities that are allowed in the UAE. This license gives you the flexibility and freedom to trade within the IFZA Free Zone.

Trading License

The trading license on the other hand lets you take part in export and import as well. With this license, you can import allowed commodities from all around the world. After importing these commodities, you can store and distribute them accordingly. You can also store locally produced commodities and export them to other countries with this license.

Service License

The service license primarily allows businesses to provide specialized services to other businesses or clients. It also allows service providers to utilize other products and commodities that are required to provide their services. This license also allows transportation, production, and distribution of services.

Industrial License

The industrial license allows a wide range of business activities, all of which are required to produce and profit from a product in the UAE. First of all, it allows you to import raw materials from other countries or buy them locally. Then it allows you to continue with the production, manufacturing, assembling, and packaging of your products. Finally, it allows you to export your finished products all across the world or sell them locally in the UAE.

Holding License

If you are an investor looking to invest your capital in Dubai, then the holding license from the IFZA is for you. This license allows you to hold assets and shares of other companies in the IFZA Free Zone. You can form a holding company with this license which can control other companies, entities, real estates, and properties. You can also hold stocks, trademarks, and patents with holding companies.

Benefits of Free Zone Company Setup IFZA Dubai

Business setup in IFZA free zone receives a wide range of benefits. IFZA allows a lot of profitable business activities, increasing the versatility of any company formation in its free zone.

Company Setup’s expert consultants can establish your company for you within a day and your presence in the UAE is not required for formation.

All the licenses that are issued by IFZA allow businesses to form an LLC. An LLC is a limited liability company where the business entity is separate from the owner and shareholders. Your LLCs can sponsor employee’s visas and open their own bank accounts.





All you need to do is fill up the form or leave us a chat and we will get
the ball rolling for your company formation.

What Makes IFZA Dubai Free Zone Company Setup Unique?

Here are the features that make IFZA Dubai Free Zone so unique:

  • The only document required is a copy of your passport.
  • Your presence in Dubai is not required to open your business through Company Setup consultants.
  • Your business can be incorporated within one day through Company Setup Consultants.
  • They provide affordable, cost-effective free zone licenses.
  • You can open a Limited Liability Company so that your personal assets are protected in case of bankruptcy.
  • It is easy to open a bank account.
  • No minimum requirement for share capital when getting started.
  • No requirement for a physical office space.
  • 100% exemption from taxes on corporate and personal incomes.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits.

IFZA Freezone Company Cost & Trade License Packages

Consultancy & Services License

License Packages Fee in AED
Zero Visa – Commercial License AED 11,500
License with 1 Visa Quota AED 15,700
License with 2 Visa Quota AED 17,900
License with 3 Visa Quota AED 19,700
License with 4 Visa Quota AED 21,300
License with 5 Visa Quota AED 22,900
License with 6 Visa Quota AED 24,700

Trading License

License Packages Fee in AED
Zero Visa – Commercial License AED 11,500
License with 1 Visa Quota AED 15,700
License with 2 Visa Quota AED 17,900
License with 3 Visa Quota AED 19,700
License with 4 Visa Quota AED 21,300
License with 5 Visa Quota AED 22,900
License with 6 Visa Quota AED 24,700

Card & VISA Fees

Cards & VISA Fees Fee in AED
Establishment Card (3 years) AED 1,500
Resident Visa (3 years) AED 3,750
Medical test AED 870
Emirates ID AED 370