PRO Services

Companies or businesses in the United Arab Emirates need the services of Public Relation Officer or Government Liason Officer. PRO services involve professional document clearance services, relating to processing governmental paperwork and document. Their services include the issuance of business licenses,  immigration of formalities, passport clearance and more. 

Establishing a company in Dubai involves various legal procedures as per the DED (Department of Economic Development), the Dubai Immigration, the Ministry of Labour, and various other public departments. Public Relation Officer Services are easily available when a person does not have sufficient experience in setting up a business in Dubai or the person is a newcomer to the corporate industry in Dubai. 

What are the advantages of PRO services?

Saving time: Activities connected with PRO services usually take a lot of time but they are nevertheless important for any business fundamentally. It is recommended to outsourcing since it permits a company to concentrate more on its fundamental competencies whereas leaving the remaining to skilled business professionals. 

Legal requirement: Most of the activities under PRO services remain as legal necessities for all the employees and companies in Dubai. Conforming to these procedures in a timely manner eliminate the chances of unnecessary setbacks or fines for the business.  

Business sustainability: Most of the PRO services is designed according to the best concern of the business. Getting PRO services has an optimistic trickle-down outcome on the smoothening of business functions. For example, when a person wishes to legally function in the UAE, then as an employee from overseas, he/she has to get a work permit and a resident visa. These are the main requirements to create a bank account, get amenities like electricity, sign a housing lease and get an Emirates ID. 

What we offer in PRO services:

We can help you in offering the following Public Relation Officer Services in the UAE. 

  • Handling documents in the labour, immigration, and various other government sections
  • Handling company labour card and immigration card
  • Handling new employment visa as well as renewal for employees
  • Confirming export or import and other necessary legal forms through the public notary
  • Filing for government endorsements and getting NOC (No-Objection Certificates) from the government ministries
  • Intellectual property registering for a trademark, copyright, and patent
  • Translating legal documents to Arabic
  • Processing documents from the Chamber of Commerce and Dubai Municipality
  • Applying for Ejari – residential and commercial tenancy contract
  • Applying for a commercial and industrial license and processing for renewal

We offer a wide range of certified support services associated with government departments and ministries helping you to easily cater your daily functional formalities along with obtaining the necessary permits and licenses your business requires.