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Company Setup Consultancy provides professional PRO services in Dubai, which is required to process governmental paperwork, documentation, attestations and approvals. Our experienced team is always ready to professionally deal with all involved governmental entities and departments in UAE to get your company approved, licensed, and properly documented.

We guarantee our clients a cost-effective and time-saving setup process with our excellent PRO services in Dubai. Contact us today to book a business consultation and our professionals will provide you with a detailed service plan.
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Our PRO Service Includes

  • Trade License
  • License Renewal
  • License Modification
  • License Cancelation
  • Memorandum of association
  • MOA preparation
  • MOA attestation
  • MOA modification
  • Residency Visas
  • Partner Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Staff/employees Visas
  • Documents clearance
  • Emirates ID
  • Medical insurance
  • Company Immigration Card
  • Company Labor Card
  • Company setup
  • Chamber of commerce certificate
  • POA & notary
  • STA preparation
  • Signature attestation and E-signature card
  • MOFA attestations
  • New PO Box and renewal
  • All governmental approvals & attestations
  • Company Manager/Director Appointment
  • Proper Local Sponsorship
  • LLC & Sole establishments
  • Company’s ownership & partners’ change
  • Board resolution meeting
  • Company liquidation
  • Company labor staff quotation

Govt. Bodies Our PRO Work With


of Commerce




Roads and
Transport Authority




Immigration and
Naturalization Department


Department of
Economic Development


General Department
of Residency and Foreign Affairs

Benefits of PRO Services in Dubai

Benefits our customers will get from our PRO Services.
Saving Time:
Activities connected with PRO services usually take a lot of time but they are nevertheless important for any business fundamentally. It is recommended to outsourcing since it permits a company to concentrate more on its fundamental competencies whereas leaving the remaining to skilled business professionals.
Legal Requirement:
Most of the activities under PRO services remain as legal necessities for all the employees and companies in Dubai. Conforming to these procedures in a timely manner eliminate the chances of unnecessary setbacks or fines for the business.
Business Sustainability:
Most of the PRO services in Dubai is designed according to the best concern of the busines. Getting PRO services has an optimistic trickle-down outcome on the smoothening of business functions. For example, when a person wishes to legally function in the UAE, then as an employee from overseas, he/she has to get a work permit and a resident visa. These are the main requirements to create a bank account, get amenities like electricity, sign a housing lease and get an Emirates ID.

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Frequent Ask Questions

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More or less, the exact number of days required for the visa stamping in UAE is 20 days. It is observed that sometimes you find your documents completed and reviewed within 10 days and if in queries are supposed to be made, than it takes 12 to 20 days.

It is required for all the employed in UAE to keep their visa stamped on their passport. It will facilitate them to change their immigration status to the UAE resident.

Yes you can apply for the visa of Dubai via online process. This option is only suited for the nationals of the countries who can consider the prearranged UAE visa. You can pay for your visa fee through or we can facilitate you for a guaranteed work completion.

There are different rates for different visa. The rates starts from US$175 to US$460. We can help you consider the best package for your need and you may complete the process in no time.