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How to renew trade license in Dubai

How to renew trade license in Dubai

For anyone interested to, or already doing business in Dubai, it is clear that a trade license is the most important requirement for doing business here. And so, it is crucial to make sure that the Dubai trade license is always renewed on time diligently.

Delay in filing a trade license renewal can lead to a penalty, a ban to the business license, or even freezing all the business activities.

However, it can be a lengthy process if you are not familiar with trade license renewal or Dubai trade license in general. Trade license renewal in Dubai requires a bit of document processing. The papers and trade license fees and processing time may differ based on which zone you are applying from. Reading this might raise a lot of questions and concerns. That is why you have numerous business setup companies who specialize in set up and renewal of trade license in Dubai. Hence, one of the most efficient and reliable ways to get your renewal going would be to take professional help. If you are not sure who to trust, you can definitely reach out to Company Setup Dubai.

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What exactly do you need for Dubai trade license renewal?

In general, you would require the following documents:

  • Typed license renewal form (BR/1)
  • Copy of a valid Tenancy Contract
  • Copy of your trade license (business license)
  • Ejari certificate
  • Passport copies of all partners
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Trade License Renewal for a Mainland Company

The Trade License renewal for a Mainland Company may appear easy, but it can become complicated when it involves approvals from various public departments other than DED (Department of Economic Development). Normally the following documents are required:

  1. Current License Copy

  1. Tenancy Contract & Ejari Certificate

  1. Depending on your activity, certain documents are required for external department approvals.

  2. The time duration for the renewal of a normal trading license normally takes 1-2 working days. If additional external approvals are required, the process may take 7 working days.

Trade License Renewal for a Free Zone Company

The trade license renewal for a Free Zone Business Setup varies from free zone to free zone and the type of license you availed. Here are a few mandatory documents required for a trade license renewal in a free zone:

 Trade License Renewal for a Free Zone Company
Trade license copy or original document depending on the free zoneSome free zones demand an audit report
O. box confirmation renewalPassport copy of the shareholder.
Other documents depending on your activity and the chosen free zone.The time duration for the trade license renewal depends on the free zone and can be anything from 1 – 3 working days. If the shareholder is another corporate or a foreign company than the renewed trade license of the parent copy is also required.
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How often would you actually need to renew trade license in Dubai?

Dubai trade license renewal occurs on a yearly basis, with a grace period of 30 days. To get it streamlined, you can get professional help from institutes like Company Setup Dubai. The company will stay on top of the timeline and keep the gears running while you focus on your business

How to understand if your tenancy contract is valid?

Simply put, your tenancy contract must be valid for at least one month, and signed by Ejari. If you have a tenancy contract validity that is longer than one month, that’s even better!

So, how you apply for trade license renewal?

Get professional help. Company Setup Dubai can get you your business license in Dubai as well as across the emirates in no time! You can leverage the company’s connection with the government and the economic department to quicken the process and get a smoother experience. Company Setup Dubai also can also advice you on which Dubai trade license to apply for along with remind you when it is time for the trade license renewals.

This article is generalized and tries to provide as much information as possible to anyone looking into getting their trade license Dubai renewed. However, to cater to your specific needs, it is best to reach out to companies who are specialized in dealing with all possible scenarios and provide tailored services unique to your situation.

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