How to Get an Event Management License in Dubai?

event management license in Dubai

Dubai, the cosmopolitan city renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, impressive infrastructure, and iconic skyline, has emerged as a global hub for entertainment and events. With a thriving events sector and a high demand for international conventions, shows, festivals, and concerts, obtaining an event management license has become imperative for businesses and organizations looking to host successful events in Dubai.

if you want to starting an event management company in Dubai and the UAE, then first of all you should apply for event management license in Dubai. This license lets you conduct a wide- range of conditioning similar as event product, hospitality operation, event creation, and more.

Obtaining an event management license in Dubai can be a hard work for individuals unfamiliar with local laws and procedures. However, with the right advice and preparation, this process can become simple and straightforward. In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the steps involved in obtaining an event management license in Dubai.

Through Expo 2020, Dubai expects to welcome 25 million visitors and generate an estimated figure of USD 23 billion.

What is Event Management?

The realm of “event management” encompasses a wide array of responsibilities involved in organizing various types of gatherings. This includes conventions, conferences, concerts, trade shows, festivals, and ceremonies, among others.

Event management entails coordinating with staff, handling logistics, and ensuring the smooth execution of the event. It involves overseeing the event’s overall operations, managing the budget, and coordinating teams responsible for different tasks. Event managers have control over independent contractors and specialists, including event planners, who contribute to the successful execution of the event.

Types of Event Management Services

1. Event Management

Experienced event managers excel at organizing and executing various types of events, such as trade shows, product launches, weddings, cocktail parties, awards ceremonies, and gala dinners. They begin by identifying the target audience and making a concerted effort to understand the client’s brand and budget.

2. Event Coordination

Event planners specialize in devising innovative ways to inspire, inform, and entertain attendees. They focus on crucial aspects of event production, including lighting, decor, catering, theming, styling, sound, visuals, and entertainment.

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3. Decor Rental Services

These companies specialize in providing decor rental services for clients’ upcoming special events, offering a wide range of decor options to enhance the ambiance and aesthetics.

4. Conference and Venue Sourcing Services

Event management firms collaborate with clients to create unique conference experiences, incorporating meticulous content programming and comprehensive logistical planning. This may include services such as ground transportation, accommodation booking and venue sourcing, social and partner activities, guest speaker involvement, and managing all audiovisual requirements.

5. Event Planning Services

Event coordinators alleviate the complexities of event planning by staying ahead of the competition. They can source beautiful floral arrangements, arrange comfortable accommodations, and provide creative entertainment options to ensure a memorable occasion.

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Event Management License Cost in Dubai

The costs of setting up an event management business in Dubai will depend on numerous factors  like location(mainland or free zone), company size, and the type of business activity will decide the cost of event management license. The cost of obtaining an event management license in Dubai ranges from AED 18,500 to AED 30,000.

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What Business Activities can You Perform with the Event Management License in Dubai?

By definition, event management companies are firms that plan and manage corporate events. However, in recent times, event management companies are also managing personal events like weddings and other celebrations. The event management license in Dubai lets you perform all the relevant business activities that will let you manage an event successfully.

At the same time, there are a few activities that are not allowed by an event management license that you need to be aware of so that you do not perform those mistakenly.

Here are the business activities that you can perform with an event management license in Dubai:

  • Sell tickets for events
  • Book hotels are event attendees
  • Organize events such as product launches, seminars, gala events, award ceremonies, weddings, conferences, etc.
  • Showcase products and services
  • Integrate suppliers and dealers

Here are some of the activities that you should not perform with just an event management license in Dubai:

  • No civil or construction works
  • Don’t do trading activities
  •  export or import Not Allowed
  • Not training activities
  • No venue management

Steps to Start an Event Management Business in Dubai

Step 1: Select your business activity:

Determine the specific event management services you want to offer, such as corporate events, weddings, conferences, etc.

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Step 2: Choose your business zone:

Decide whether you want to set up your company in a free zone or in the mainland. Free zones offer certain benefits and restrictions, so research and select the one that suits your business needs.

Step 3: Choose the company structure:

Decide on the company structure, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Sole Establishment, or Branch of a Foreign Company, based on your requirements and ownership preferences.

Step 4: Register the company name:

Choose a unique and appropriate name for your event management company and register it with the relevant authorities, ensuring it complies with naming regulations.

Step 5: Get initial approval (for mainland licenses only):

If you choose to set up your company in the mainland, you need to obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) before proceeding further.

Step 6: Apply for the license:

Submit the necessary documents and apply for the event management license to the respective authority, such as the DED or the relevant free zone authority.

Step 7: Apply for a visa and open a corporate bank account:

Once your license is approved, apply for visas for yourself and your employees, and open a corporate bank account to facilitate business transactions.

Remember to consult with business setup consultants or legal experts to ensure you follow all the required procedures and meet the specific requirements of starting an event management company in Dubai and UAE.

Why should you start an event management company in Dubai?

As we have mentioned before, there are a lot of scopes for an event management company in Dubai. There are even more benefits of starting an event management business in Dubai that make it preferable to entrepreneurs and investors.

Here are the benefits of start an event management business in Dubai:

  • Affordable Business Setup
  • Outstanding Infrastructure
  • Visa Sponsor
  • Worldwide Talent
Ready to start event management company in Dubai?

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