Dubai breaks 15 world records in 30 days

It seems like breaking records, and achieving the impossible has become an everyday routine for the Emirate. Guinness World Records has revealed that Dubai residents and government departments broke 15 world records during the 30-day Dubai Fitness Challenge.

“Being in Dubai, the record-breaking hub of the Middle East, we see a large number of records being broken every day,” Leila Issa, Marketing Manager, Guinness World Records told Khaleej Times.

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From sorting out coloured balls to pulling a heavy aircraft, the records were broken in Dubai in the past 30 days also include largest wheelchair race and most jumping-jacks in 30 seconds. “We are always happy to witness such amazing accomplishments, especially when it has such strong messaging such as fitness and health wellness,” added Issa.

Dubai Police alone broke three records, the most incredible one being 56 officers of Dubai Police succeeded in pulling an Emirates Airlines aircraft weighing 302.68 tonnes, for 100 metres. Issa stated, “The best part of being part of Guinness World Records is the amazing feats that people achieve every day, nothing is ever out of the ordinary of us.”

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