Setting up a company in the Dubai mainland surely has its perks. There is a lot of different benefits which anyone can enjoy when they are planning to set up a Dubai mainland company. Choosing the right location for your business is a very crucial factor which comes into play in the long run. The overall performance and success of your company will heavily be dependent on it. So have a look at the different kinds of benefits that you get by setting up a Dubai Mainland Company.

Set Up a Mainland Company

Freedom to trade in UAE – when you are a registered company in the Dubai mainland then it allows you to trade in the UAE without any restrictions. When you set your business in the mainland, you do not need to worry about trade permission and regulations throughout Dubai and UAE. However, there are some legal formalities and other government paperwork that you will need to take care of. You can carry them out by seeking legal help and professional advice from any reputed legal firm.

Expand your business with international trade – when you become a registered company in the Dubai mainland, it becomes very much easier for you to trade at an international level. If you want to establish a prosperous and long lasting business then it is important that you expand your company to the international markets. When you receive the Dubai mainland license, you get more flexibility in the task of trading in the international sphere.

Increase your team count – as your business grows with time, it is important that you employ more members under your company. This is done to keep pace with the increasing demands and production of your business. Therefore when you have your company registered in the Dubai mainland you can apply for an unlimited number of visas which helps to recruit more members to the team. A no limit on the recruitment count brings more flexibility to the company day-to-day activities.

Flexible rents or lease of business centre – when you are planning for Mainland Company Setup, it is important that you rent or lease a business centre in case anyone does not have the capital to build their own office. Companies which are officially registered to be in the Dubai mainland are more likely to get flexible rents or lease and get discounts on them as well. So your task of getting an affordable workspace becomes easier.

No Corporate or Personal tax – companies and the businessmen who set up their business in the Dubai mainland are exempted from paying the corporate or personal tax. This is because the profits from your business are already generating revenue for both the company and the economy of the city. So it is a big boost for every small or big company to invest that money in expanding their business in the Dubai mainland.

So here are the five amazing reasons which tell you why you should plan for a Company Set up mainland Dubai.