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How to set up a cleaning service business in Dubai

If you are looking to setup a business for providing cleaning services in Dubai, here is a complete guide to help you in your task.  A cleaning business setup in Dubai is not an easy task and involves a lot of hard work and certain formalities which we will discuss here.  However, it is one of the most popular and economical start-up options in Dubai. For mainland company setup in Dubai, you need to obtain a license from Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

The business has largely increased over a decade and aims to provide cleaning services to both individuals or corporations. As most of the residents of Dubai are working class, they do not consider cleaning as enjoyable and also, they do not time to clean up due to their busy routine. Hiring up cleaning professionals has become a trend in Dubai. The demand for cleaners has increased and the cleaning companies have become competitive, so before setting up a cleaning business multiple things have to be kept in mind.

cleaning service business in Dubai

How to Go About Setting Up a Cleaning Service Business in Dubai

Step 1: Decide Related to Your Target Market

There are several options available for the cleaning business setup in Dubai, it is suggested that one should stick to a niche and choose accordingly. When we build our business from scratch, we always have the option to expand our services and market as the company gradually grows in size. The best option can be selected only after thorough research and thus matching out the most suitable option as per our needs and skills. There are two types of cleaning business as follows.

Commercial Cleaning Business in Dubai – This type of cleaning company is the one that offers its services only to commercial businesses. Regardless of the type of cleaning business, it is necessary that the premises of the business in which the employee’s work are well maintained. There is a huge market for the commercial cleaning business in Dubai whether it includes the entire office building, disposal of toxic waste, or window washing.

Residential Cleaning Business in Dubai – When the cleaning services are provided to the home of clients then it is known to residential cleaning. A residential cleaning business is the that supplies products and equipment’s that are used in cleaning unless the client wants otherwise. The services provided by them include move-in and out cleaning, deep cleaning, home maintenance, green cleaning, home event clean-up, and many other things. The need and services to each client will vary which develops a necessity to discuss the scope of every project.

Step 2: Decide on the Cleaning Business Location

While selecting the business in Dubai, there are two options to go for, either you can go for mainland company setup or free zone business set up. Foreign nationals can own the mainland business set up to forty-nine percent of shares, also a requirement to be able to form your mainland company the person has to be a partner with UAE national as a local sponsor. The foreign investors can own their business fully in the case of free zone companies. To a great brief, a free zone cleaning business is allowed to provide service only if the business acquires certain licenses.

Step 3: Process Business Registration and Acquire Licenses

The legal considerations must be accessed when the registration of the cleaning business is processed. Make sure that enough time is devoted to reading the business entity and selecting the type of business structure that it will fit into. That business structure should be selected which is the most helpful in attaining the personal and business goals. Register with the most appropriate local authorities as soon as you find out which business structure is the most suitable.

There is always a new set of rules applicable to new businesses and company formation built-up by UAE jurisdiction. The legal obligation for your mainland company set up is available in the guidelines by the UAE government. No paperwork is fun and relaxing and so a business agent and or an expert may help you in the entire process of company formation. This also includes the process in which permission and licenses are offered which are necessary for all the business types.

Benefits Provided by Cleaning Services in Dubai

  • Helps To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Today’s life schedule is very hectic and it becomes very difficult to maintain a work-life balance, however residents of Dubai find it hard to spare any time. This is where cleaning helps the residents of Dubai and helps them in reducing the burden of their cleaning. Not only this, but Dubai companies also offer babysitting services which is a very big boon to working mothers.

  • Clean And Hygienic Environment

It is a necessary part of our life to keep our homes clean and cleaning services in Dubai helps in creating an environment that is clean and hygienic. Extra care is needed if there are small children and elders in our home. Dirty indoors can easily spread out the diseases so cleaning services help in ensuring good health to all the people.

  • Professional And Trained Staffs

There is no need to worry about the quality of cleaning because there are the best professionals and trained staff. The cleaning companies of Dubai provide experienced, professional, and versatile staff for cleaning. They will leave your home sparkling with the cleaning hacks they know. They have exceptional knowledge in cleaning and services related to it.

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