Meydan Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai: 2023 Guide

Meydan Free Zone Company Formation

Meydan Free Zone, also known as Meydan One Free Zone, is an economic free zone located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This free zone is a specialized area designed to attract businesses and investors operating in various industries, particularly those related to sports,  e-sports, entertainment, and technology.

When starting a business in the UAE, you have two main choices:

Option One: Set up in the mainland. This allows you to trade locally and work with the government.

Option Two: Start in a UAE free zone. You can’t take government contracts, and you need a local agent for local trade, but the benefits outweigh these limitations.

  • Owned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
  • Based out of Luxurious Meydan Hotel
  • We offer more than 3500 Activities
  • Established in February 2009

Meydan Free zone is highly regarded as an ideal destination for setting up a company. Not only does it offer budget-friendly options, but it also boasts a strategic location with convenient access to the Emirates logistics corridor, surrounding airports, and seaports.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, investors, and businessmen opt for Meydan Free zone to incorporate their businesses for various reasons. Firstly, there is no requirement to deposit capital or submit financial statements for auditing. Additionally, companies in the free zone enjoy 100% foreign ownership, 100% tax exemption, no duty taxes on import and export, and no restrictions on hiring foreign workers.

To navigate the process of starting a business in Meydan Free zone, it is advisable to seek the assistance of experts like company setup Services. With their expertise, they will ensure a seamless and hassle-free procedure, guiding you through every step of the way.

Advantages of Setting Up Your Business in Meydan Free Zone

Here are the benefits of starting your business in Meydan Free Zone:

  • Premium location for your business setup.
  • Guaranteed 100% repatriation of invested capital and profits gained.
  • Guaranteed 100% ownership of the business both for individuals and corporate entities.
  • Easy to setup business in Meydan free zone
  • Investors are given the permission to operate their business through a Flexi desk.
  • Extremely secure business environment.
  • Premier location for new business locating to Dubai
  • Seamless and efficient licensing and registration procedure.
  • Strategic location near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum City, close proximity to the Dubai Logistics Corridor.
  • Secure regulated environment.
  • Very competent licensing and registration procedure.

Start your New Company Formation in Meydan Free Zone with 0 Visa @ AED 12,500

How to Start a Meydan Free Zone Company Formation?

Setting up your business in Meydan Free Zone involves these steps:

1. Choose your business activities

The first step of starting your business anywhere in the UAE is to select the business activities that you want to perform through your company. As a result, when starting your business in Meydan Free Zone, you can select from a wide array of commercial, industrial, and professional business activities to perform.

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However, keep in mind that you cannot perform any business activities that you did not select beforehand. So, select your business activities carefully.

2. Register a trading name

The second step is to register a trading name for your business. You need to select a trading name that does not already exist inside the UAE. However, the name can be in use in other countries of the world.

As long as it is not in use inside the UAE, you can go for it. Additionally, you need to abide by the naming regulations set by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

3. Apply for your trade license

Depending on the business activities you have selected, you need to apply for a trade license from the Meydan Free Zone authorities. For obtaining the trade license, you will need to fill up an application form and provide some necessary documents to the relevant authorities.

4. Apply for your visa

The last step is to apply for visas. Depending on the type of package you are applying for, you can obtain one to six visas. After you have obtained your trade license, you can sponsor the visas of your close family members.

5. Open a Business Bank Account

It’s essential for transactions and building credibility. Company Setup Consultants streamline this process for you.

Types of Licenses Offered in Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free zone offers different types of activities that are grouped into commercial, consultancy or media license.

  1. Service & Consultancy License
  2. Commercial license
  3. Media license

What is the cost of company setup in Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai offers affordable license packages starting from AED 12,500. These packages provide the opportunity to engage in up to three license activities and access the facilities offered by the free zone. The Meydan free zone company formation cost is AED 12,500.

For an enhanced package that includes eligibility for one visa, the price increases to AED 14,350. Additionally, there is an option to opt for a package that allows for up to six visas, with prices going up to AED 23,600.

Documents Required for Meydan free zone Business Setup

Individual Shareholder
  • Application forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  • 3 Year Business Plan
  • Passport and visa copy of shareholders/directors/manager
  • CV of shareholder (s) / directors / manager
  • Original Bank reference letter or 6 month bank statement (stamped)
Corporate Shareholder
  • Applications forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  • Audited Financial Report
  • Company brochure / profile
  • 3 Year Business Plan
  • Letter from the shareholding company for the appointment of a Manager.
  • Board Resolution calling for the establishment of a Meydan Free Zone company, attachment of Specimen Signature, Passport copy & Power of Attorney for Manager, Director & Secretary.
  • Certificate of Registration (or) Certificate of Incorporation (or) Certificate of Good Standing of the Mother Company, Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Parent Company. (Attested)

Start your New Company Formation in Meydan Free Zone with 1 Visa @ AED 14,500

Branch Company
  • Application forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  • Board Resolution calling for the establishment a branch in Meydan Free Zone and guarantee full financial commitment.
  • Certificate of Registration (or) Certificate of Incorporation (or) Certificate of Good Standing, Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Mother Company, Attachment of Specimen Signature, Passport copy & Power of Attorney for Manager and Directors. (Attested)
  • 3 Year Business Plan
  • Letter from the parent company for the appointment of Manager.
  • Company brochure / profile
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Which business activities are allowed in MFZ?

Meydan Free Zone (MFZ) allows a wide range of business activities across various sectors. Some of the permitted business activities in MFZ include:

  1. General Trading
  2. Consultancy Services
  3. Event Management
  4. Marketing and Advertising
  5. Sports Services and Management
  6. Equestrian Services and Facilities
  7. Hospitality and Tourism
  8. Real Estate Services
  9. Information Technology Services
  10. Media and Publishing
  11. Logistics and Warehousing
  12. Retail and Wholesale Trading
  13. Health and Wellness Services
  14. Education and Training Services
  15. Construction and Engineering Services
  16. Legal and Business Consultancy
  17. Art and Design Services
  18. Financial Services
  19. Manufacturing and Industrial Activities
  20. Import and Export Activities
What legal structures are available for company setup in Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone in Dubai offers several legal structures for company setup, catering to the needs and preferences of various businesses. These legal structures include:

  1. Free Zone Company (FZCO):
    • A Free Zone Company is a limited liability company (LLC) that can have multiple shareholders (both individuals and corporate entities).
    • Shareholders have the flexibility to determine the shareholding percentages and capital requirements.
    • A Free Zone Company can engage in a wide range of business activities, subject to the free zone’s regulations.
  2. Free Zone Establishment (FZE):
    • A Free Zone Establishment is a legal structure for a single shareholder or a single individual/company.
    • The shareholder has full ownership and control of the company.
    • Like the FZCO, an FZE can conduct various business activities in accordance with the free zone’s rules.
  3. Branch Office:
    • Foreign and local companies can establish branch offices in Meydan Free Zone.
    • Branch offices are considered extensions of the parent company and are subject to the same legal entity.
    • The parent company remains fully responsible for the branch office’s operations and financial liabilities.
  4. Specialized Licenses:
    • Depending on the nature of your business, Meydan Free Zone may offer specialized licenses for specific industries. These licenses are tailored to the unique requirements of businesses in fields like sports, entertainment, technology, and related sectors.

Please note that the specific legal structures and regulations in Meydan Free Zone may change over time, and new options may have been introduced since my last update. It’s essential to consult with the authorities or a business consultant in the free zone for the most up-to-date information and to determine which legal structure best suits your business needs.

How can Company Setup Consultants help you?

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