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Scope of SME Business in UAE

Scope of SME Business in UAE

If you are looking to establish your company is the best place, then there is no place better than Dubai. It has always been popular in the business world for investment, formation, development and many more opportunities. It has been witnessed that annually Dubai records 10 million visitors from foreign. The biggest contribution is the Small and Medium Enterprise – SME which helps in the growth of UAE.

Today SME represents 42% account, 95% of all firms in the workforce. It has also played its part in accounting 40% and contributing 40% GDP generated in the economy of Dubai. And this number is growing high every single day. Also with the help of policymakers, the SME has found an easy way to establish their dream business in the prospering country of UAE.

Statistics show that SMEs, fueled by great small business ideas, constitute a whopping 95% of Dubai’s business landscape. These SMEs are the vital backbone of UAE’s economy, playing a significant role in Dubai’s economic growth and job opportunities.

Scope of SME Business in UAE

Scope of Business Opportunities for SME’s in Dubai UAE

1. Diverse Business Landscape:

The focus on diversification remains strong in 2023, offering SMEs varied business avenues as Dubai aims for a thriving commercial environment.

2. New Insolvency Rules:

The upcoming insolvency regime in 2023 will shield Dubai’s SMEs from bankruptcy and secure their investments. Banks are collaborating by extending debt repayment periods, easing losses for SMEs.

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3. UAE Central Bank Support:

The UAE Central Bank is committed to boosting SME business setup till 2023, providing financial aid and facilitating more SME company registrations in Dubai. This move encourages low-cost business setups, attracting more entrepreneurs.

4. Dubai Future Accelerators Initiative:

SMEs and innovators will find support through the 2023 Dubai Future Accelerators Initiative. This reinforces the city’s innovation hub status, connecting governmental departments with entrepreneurs for funding innovative ideas.

What is the future of SMEs in the UAE?

The UAE plans to raise the count of small and medium businesses to one million by 2030’s close, aiming to bolster SMEs’ economic role, says Minister of Economy Abdullah Al Marri.

Why is SME important in UAE?

SMEs are crucial for UAE’s economy. They make up 95% of all Emirate businesses, employ 42% of the workforce, and contribute around 40% to Dubai’s total economic value.

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