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How to Set Up an Education Institute in Dubai? A Complete Guide

Set Up an Educational Institute in Dubai

Dubai has a big knowledge-based economy. As a result, professionals from all over the world come to Dubai for pursuing a teaching career. Additionally, entrepreneurs and investors who want to contribute to the education sector have a lot of growth opportunities here.

So, if you want to set up an education institute in Dubai then you are on the right track. Today we are going to look at how you can start an education institute in Dubai.

What is KHDA in Dubai?

The KHDA, which stands for Knowledge and Human Development Authority, is a regulatory body responsible for overseeing the education sector in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and standards of education provided in the Emirate.

Here’s some key information about the KHDA:

#1. Purpose:

The KHDA’s primary objective is to support the development of a world-class education system in Dubai. It aims to regulate, monitor, and improve educational institutions, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and excellence.

#2. Regulatory Functions:

The KHDA is responsible for licensing and regulating various educational institutions, including schools, universities, training centers, and vocational institutes. It sets guidelines, policies, and standards for curriculum, teaching methods, facilities, and student welfare.

#3. School Inspections:

One of the significant functions of the KHDA is conducting comprehensive inspections of schools in Dubai. These inspections assess the overall quality of education, teaching practices, leadership, and other aspects of the school’s performance. Inspection results are published as the annual Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) reports.

#4. Ratings and Rankings:

The KHDA assigns ratings to schools based on their overall performance, ranging from Outstanding to Very Good, Good, Acceptable, and Weak. These ratings help parents and stakeholders make informed decisions about the educational institutions they choose.

#5. Services and Initiatives:

The KHDA provides various services and initiatives to enhance the education sector. This includes professional development programs for teachers, student assessments, parent engagement programs, and research and data analysis to improve educational practices.

#6. Parent-School Contract:

The KHDA introduced a Parent-School Contract, outlining the rights and responsibilities of parents, students, and schools. It emphasizes transparency, communication, and mutual cooperation to ensure the well-being and educational progress of students.

#7. Higher Education:

The KHDA also regulates higher education institutions in Dubai, ensuring their compliance with quality standards and academic regulations. It oversees the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), which host numerous universities and educational institutions.

#8. Transparency and Accountability:

The KHDA strives to maintain transparency and accountability within the education sector. It regularly communicates with parents, students, and educational stakeholders, sharing information, reports, and updates about the quality of education in Dubai.

Requirements for Starting an Education Institute in Dubai

To set up an education institute in Dubai, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Teaching License: Obtain a teaching license in the UAE.
  • Education Qualification: Possess a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree.
  • Original Documents: Provide the original documents and certificates verifying your education.
  • Attestation: If you completed your education outside the UAE, have your educational documents and certificates attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Embassy of the country in the UAE.
  • Fitness Report: Obtain a verified fitness report from the relevant authorities.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Ensure that you do not have any past criminal record.
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How to Open an Educational Institute in Dubai?

To open an educational institute in Dubai, follow these five steps:

Step 1- Determine the Type of Education and Location

Choose the specific educational activities you wish to offer and consider the appropriate location. Options include early childhood care, private tutoring, management training, and more. Higher education providers may prefer Dubai International Academic City, while workplace training providers might opt for a free zone targeting their industry.

Step 2 – Fill out an Application With the KHDA

When filling out the application with the KHDA, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Introduction to your organization: Clearly explain the purpose of your educational institute and highlight the value it offers to students.
  • Needs analysis: Present evidence demonstrating the demand for the type of training you plan to offer.
  • Shareholder information: Provide details about the individuals or entities that hold shares in your institute.
  • Staff experience: Include information about the qualifications and relevant experience of your staff members.
  • Training services: Specify the types of training services your institute will provide, based on the classification set by the KHDA.
  • Non-training services: Describe any additional activities or services your institute will offer apart from training.
  • Certification: Outline the different types of certificates you will provide to students upon completion of their training.
  • Resources and facilities: Detail the equipment, classrooms, and other resources you have or plan to acquire for conducting training.
  • Marketing: Explain your marketing strategies and how you intend to promote your institute’s brand.
  • Customer recruitment process: Describe the methods you will use to attract and enroll students.
  • Undertakings: Provide specific details about how you will comply with the applicable regulations and ensure a quality educational environment.
  • List of training courses: Present a comprehensive list of the training courses you will offer, along with any additional supporting documents.

By including these details in your application, you will effectively communicate your educational institute’s purpose, capabilities, and commitment to meeting regulatory standards.

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Step 3- Complete the Application Process and Gather Required Documents

During this step, you will need to complete an educational permit form, which is generally straightforward to fill out. However, it can be helpful to seek guidance from a company formation specialist throughout the process.

Along with the application form, you will need to gather the following documents:

  • Name reservation from the relevant commercial authority and initial approval
  • Typed application form
  • Registration plan
  • Color copies of the passports of all shareholders of the institute
  • Color copy of the passport of the director/manager of the institute
  • Notary public signatures for each shareholder and the manager
  • CV of the director/manager
  • Qualification certificates for the manager
  • Undertaking from the manager, stating their commitment to full-time management of the training institute and proposed working hours
  • Course list
  • If one of the shareholders is a corporate entity, include a board resolution from the parent company announcing the establishment of the institute in Dubai or a certificate of good standing.

Additionally, you will need to provide copies of your trade license, a tenancy contract if you have premises, and an environmental health and safety certificate.

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Step 4- Pay the Fees and Obtain the Final Approval

To complete the process, you must pay the required fees and obtain final approval for your educational institute. This involves submitting your application online through the KHDA e-services portal and making the necessary payments.

The timeframe for receiving final approval varies. Smaller operations may receive approval within a few days, while larger institutes might experience a longer waiting period. The approval process considers factors such as the size and complexity of your institution.

Once you receive the final approval, you can proceed with the establishment of your educational institute in Dubai.

Popular Free Zones for starting an Education Institute in Dubai

There are a lot of free zones scattered around Dubai and each of them caters to a specific sector of business. Consequently, there are a few free zones that specifically cater to the needs of educational institutions.

Some of the popular ones among these are Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Academic City, Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park, Dubai International Academic City, etc.

Dubai Knowledge Village

Dubai Knowledge Village is a free zone located in Dubai that was established in 2003. It primarily focuses on professional learning, educational intelligence, and Human Resource Management.

Additionally, it aims to further develop the talent pool of Dubai and enhance the UAE’s knowledge-based economy.

Dubai Academic City

Dubai Academic City was established in 2006 by the renowned TECOM Investments. The aim of Dubai Academic City is to turn Dubai into an education hub. To accomplish this, they have established connections with multiple renowned universities all around the world.

So far they have been successful in their goal because according to a report, Dubai Academic City has the most number of branches in the world.

Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park

Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park was established in 2005 by Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Just as the name suggests, it primarily focuses on biotechnology and related research. Since its inception, it has become a worldwide attraction for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

what are the Benefits of Setting up a Educational Institute in Dubai?

Setting up an educational institute in Dubai comes with several appealing advantages:

  1. Full Ownership: You have complete ownership control, eliminating the need for additional partners.
  2. Location Flexibility: You can choose the perfect location within the city or in a free zone.
  3. Collaboration Opportunities: Dubai’s diverse educational landscape lets you partner with international institutions and use renowned curricula.
  4. Tax Benefits: You won’t face direct taxes, like corporate taxes, which boosts your financial viability.
  5. Market Access: With a mainland license, you’re free to tap into a wide market, including corporations, government bodies, and not just your target audience.
  6. Cultural Diversity: Dubai’s multicultural environment attracts a varied student base, enriching your educational experience.
  7. Modern Infrastructure: Benefit from Dubai’s top-notch facilities and modern infrastructure, creating an excellent learning atmosphere.
  8. Quality of Life: The city offers a high standard of living and safety, attracting both students and educators.
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